The Muppets Take Washington

Bert and Ernie are paying a special visit to the city that helped give birth to the “Sesame Street” gang.   Kermit the Frog will be part of an exhibit, “Jim Henson’s Fantastic World,” at the Smithsonian Institution.   But don’t expect to see the popular puppets strolling around Washington. Their fame and age (they’reContinue reading “The Muppets Take Washington”

Ricky Gervais Tapes HBO Comedy Special

When the funniest man in England took over Madison Square Garden earlier this month, HBO was on hand to tape the concert. In November, Ricky Gervais, original star and co-creator of The Office, will trot out his first televised stab at stand-up comedy.   At a Thursday press tour session organized by the Television CriticsContinue reading “Ricky Gervais Tapes HBO Comedy Special”

MySpace Launches ‘Krofft Kwikies’

  MySpaceTV has launched “The World of Sid & Marty Krofft,” a channel that will draw from the duo’s library of quirky children’s skeins of the 1970s and ’80s. The channel, which the social network will operate on revenue-sharing basis, will feature “Krofft Kwikies,” streamlined versions of skeins such as “H.R. Pufnstuf,” “Land of theContinue reading “MySpace Launches ‘Krofft Kwikies’”

New Minisodes for The Office to Air On July 10th announced that The Office webisodes will go live on Thursday, July 10th at 3pm (ET) on In “Kevin’s Loan,” the second series of The Office webisodes, Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) pursues a unique solution in an effort to pay back his looming gambling debts. This installment also stars Oscar Nunez, Leslie David BakerContinue reading “New Minisodes for The Office to Air On July 10th”

Rescue Me: Minisode 3: “Criteria”

“Criteria” – It’s a battle of the bottle, or the broads, when Tommy (Denis Leary) and the guys debate their standards on what makes a good bar. Tommy talks of his bar baited demons, while the guys focus on the beauties behind the bar. (Raw Language)    

New Heroes Webisodes

  NBC has brought online this promo for its upcoming “Heroes” Webisodes titled “Going Postal” that kick-off on July 14th. The three-part series kicks-off with “A Nifty Trick,” with new episodes rolling out on subsequent Mondays. It features Echo De Mille, a seemingly ordinary mailman with an extraordinary ability. Visitors to this year’s Comic-Con, willContinue reading “New Heroes Webisodes”

15 Reasons Why Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

Fred Rogers saved both public television and the VCR.   When the government wanted to cut Public Television funds in 1969, the relatively unknown Mister Rogers went to Washington. Almost straight out of a Capra film, his 5-6 minute testimony on how TV had the potential to give kids hope and create more productive citizensContinue reading “15 Reasons Why Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever”

Catchphrases in TV History

Every TV show wants one, but few achieve it: a catchphrase. The best ones not only propel their show into the limelight, but eventually take a life of their own, sometimes getting into the dictionary, sometimes even electing a president. Please click here for the stories behind some of TV’s most famous catchphrases.  

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