will.i.am Debuts “It’s A New Day” On Oprah

Tina Fey Says She’s Retiring Sarah Palin Impersonation

Tina Fey’s hilarious turn as Sarah Palin put Saturday Night Live on the electoral map like nothing else in recent memory — viewership is up nearly 70 percent this season. But will Fey continue to moonlight as the gorgeous governor, who could be a parody-worthy public figure for years to come? “I have to retireContinue reading “Tina Fey Says She’s Retiring Sarah Palin Impersonation”

How CNN’s Hologram Interview System Works

Last night, CNN debuted its latest ultra-high-tech gizmo: a “hologram” interview system that allows Star Wars-like images of distant people to appear on stage, interacting with the CNN host. Now, it turns out that the “hologram” isn’t actually visible to the host (it’s composited into the image you see at home by a computer), butContinue reading “How CNN’s Hologram Interview System Works”

NBC’s Heroes Co-Executive Producers Have Been Fired

The NBC show Heroes has been deplorable this season with convoluted plot lines and unexpected role reversals with the good guys and the villains.  The cast has too many characters and needs to be weeded down.  Ratings have fallen on the once popular television program and today NBC took action by axing the co-exec producersContinue reading “NBC’s Heroes Co-Executive Producers Have Been Fired”

Sarah Silverman’s Returns to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Sarah Silverman awkwardly returned to The Jimmy Kimmel Show to promote her new Comedy Central series. This was her first appearance since the couple broke up and reunited so Jimmy surprised her with an musical audition tape when she was in community theater- and let’s just say- she was not happy!  

Musicians Chime In For NBC Jingle

You may not know that the notes to NBC’s famous chimes are G, E, and C, but chances are you’d recognize the Peacock jingle in an instant. With that in mind, executives at the network decided to have some fun with their famous chimes and launched a national campaign calling for a 21st century reinventionContinue reading “Musicians Chime In For NBC Jingle”

Stephen King on TV’s Role In The Election

The most popular soap opera of 2008 has been the presidential campaign. Those of us who’ve become addicted to it (I am one, although I say it with no pride) have had a chance to savor every quip, gaffe, and tear. We’ve listened to thousands of pundits and 10,000 sound bites. If words were weasels,Continue reading “Stephen King on TV’s Role In The Election”

Curb Your Enthusiasm to Resume Production

HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will be back in production in December, with 10 season-seven episodes slated for next year, reports Variety. HBO has not yet released an airdate or executive producer lineup for season seven of the comedy series created, executive produced and starring Larry David. The season-six finale aired in November of last yearContinue reading “Curb Your Enthusiasm to Resume Production”

Star Trek Side By Side Photo Comparisons

By now you’ve probably already been blown away by the amazing, first images released by Paramount from their new Star Trek movie several hours ago here. HERE are a few side by side comparisons, facing off characters and items revealed in the new pictures with their classic Trek interpretations. How does Chris Pine’s Captain KirkContinue reading “Star Trek Side By Side Photo Comparisons”

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