Secret Seats on Airplanes

Peter Greenberg of Travel Detective Blog spills the beans on the best airplane seats in coach. Want extra leg room? Better recline? Here are the “secret” seats to ask for.  

Rain Forest, Coral Reef and Planetarium Under One Green Roof

The California Academy of Sciences is practicing what they preach. The organization’s new 410,000-square-foot eco-friendly facility in Golden Gate Park is a living, breathing science experiment. The Renzo Piano-designed structure is the only building in the world to house a planetarium, museum of natural history and aquarium under the same roof. It’s a fitting homeContinue reading “Rain Forest, Coral Reef and Planetarium Under One Green Roof”

Richard Branson Unveils Space Tourism Craft Today

British tycoon Richard Branson unveiled a futuristic aircraft today that will ferry tourists to the edge of heaven as part of Virgin Galactic’s much-anticipated space program. The aircraft — WhiteKnightTwo — was rolled out for invited guests and media at an early morning ceremony in the Mojave desert, north of Los Angeles, at the headquartersContinue reading “Richard Branson Unveils Space Tourism Craft Today”

Harley-Davidson Museum

Celebrate 105 years of American muscle at the new 20-acre Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Featuring a stunning design by Pentagram, the Museum and the surrounding buildings are attractions by themselves, and include the two-floor museum, an Archive building where visitors can take a look at hogs of the past and see items being restoredContinue reading “Harley-Davidson Museum”

Top 10 Famous Hotel Rooms

1. Room 1738, 1740, 1742, Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, Canada John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed in bed here for a week in 1969 to protest the Vietnam War but the suite’s biggest event was Lennon and Ono recording anti-war song “Give Peace a Chance” there. Now available to the public as the John LennonContinue reading “Top 10 Famous Hotel Rooms”

10 Facts About Disneyland

1. Roy O. Disney arranged to buy the very first ticket to Disneyland, but if you don’t count him, the first person to buy a ticket and enter the gates was David MacPherson. The first two children were Christine Vess and Michael Schwartner. All three of them received lifetime passes to Disneyland which was laterContinue reading “10 Facts About Disneyland”

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