Iron Man 2 and 3 Updates

At a Stan Lee/Jon Favreau press conference today, both shared some interesting information about the upcoming Iron Man 2 and 3 films:

The Mandarin is the overarching, behind the scenes villain of Favreau’s planned trilogy, but he’s very aware of how hard it is to keep a character like that cool. He compared it to The Emperor from Star Wars – when you first see him, you’re blown away that Darth Vader is bowing down to someone but by Jedi you just want The Emperor to shut up. And by Clone Wars he’s a sidekick.

Favreau is aware that the end battle of Iron Man wasn’t that spectacular, and he’s looking to really up the ante on the action next time. He said that he learned a lot about shooting action on the first film; the scene where Iron Man shoots the hostage takers in the desert town was the very last bit that Favreau shot for the film after reshoots, and he thinks that he found the way to incorporate humor and character into his action there.

He’s really excited about Matt Fraction’s run on the Iron Man comic, and he hints that these comics – which he feels also feed off the movie – will inform the next film. He’s looking to meet with Fraction soon.

Demon In A Bottle is coming. Favreau sees his trilogy as almost one long story, comparing it less to the Spider-Man films, which are modular, and more to The Lord of the Rings or even a season of a TV show.

Jon would like to do Iron Man 2 in 3D! He also called the IMAX “Dark Knight” footage a game changer and he said he’d love to shoot part of “Iron Man 2” in IMAX. Regarding the 3D, he said it’s all about the cost, but if they can make it happen he’d like to do it. He talked about getting to see the armor in 3D and how cool it would be.

Quickoffice Promises iPhone Windows Apps For November

Here at the CTIA Wireless conference in San Francisco, Quickoffice, historically a mobile documents viewer for Nokia phones, is showing off demos for four new iPhone and iPod Touch apps aimed at Apple’s contingent of MobileMe users.


The first, called MobileFiles, will let you view e-mail attachments, including Google and documents from your iPhone, something that iPhones don’t currently allow. Quickoffice is expected to launch MobileFiles as a free, view-only app in November.


Following that, Quickoffice plans to release three more applications for reading and editing spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations, respectively. Called Quicksheet, Quickpoint, and Quickword, the three editors will likely go for $10 apiece. On the performance end, Quicksheet and Quickword clearly displayed MobileMe attachments as multipage files and allowed users two ways to edit by tapping the screen. $30 seems like a hefty surcharge for the privilege of editing and saving all three document types back to the MobileMe account from the iPhone, especially when the viewing documents alone will be free. Not all users will need all three editors, but those who do should receive a markdown for purchasing the entire suite.


Unless a competitor steps up to challenge the pricing and app layout, by the time Quickoffice’s premium applications launch in Q1, Quickoffice will have the market advantage. We haven’t heard much from DataViz, the likeliest contender, about an iPhone play, though with the company fresh off releasing new versions of its flagship viewer, Documents To Go, for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and BlackBerry, iPhone is their next logical platform to conquer. (Reprinted from CNET Reviews)


Obama Fundraiser Brings Deluge Of Books From Stephen King And More

Ayelet Waldman is opening boxes. “My mail carrier is having heart palpitations,” she says. A week ago, Waldman sent a casual e-mail –- it “had all these typos” –- to just five friends, asking them to donate books to benefit Barack Obama. To her surprise, “the thing goes completely viral. All of a sudden I start getting this stuff in the mail.”


In seven days, hundreds of books have arrived. First editions from Stephen King and Billy Collins. Books from Anne Tyler, Tobias Wolff, Lisa See, Jodi Picoult, Jonathan Lethem, Dave Eggers. From Jamie Lee Curtis and David Leavitt and Judy Blume. Greil Marcus’ donated books each arrived with a limited-edition companion CD. While we talk on the phone, she opens a package with three books from Erica Jong and a note from the author.


The fundraiser that started it all will be hosted by restaurateur Alice Waters in a private San Francisco Bay Area home; the books will be part of an auction there. But the overwhelming response means that they’ll be available at other Obama fundraisers too.


One in the planning stages includes appearances by Michael Chabon (Waldman’s husband), Anne Lamott, Tobias Wolff and Isabel Allende. Things are happening so fast, though, that details for the events, which will be open to the public, are not yet available.


Waldman has been so focused on her efforts to support Obama — this is “too important an election,” she says — that her own work has gotten a bit buried. Pulling more packages out from a stack, she discovered the edits to her memoir in progress, “Bad Mother: A Chronicle of Maternal Crimes, Minor Calamities and Occasional Moments of Grace.”  (Reprinted from the Los Angeles Times)


Purchase The Gunslinger Painting Featured In The Mist (If You Have $75,000)

The Mist: The movie begins with David Drayton, the main character, hand painting a movie poster for an upcoming film. He is a poster artist. A collection of his other original works, including posters from The Thing, Shawshank Redemption, Pan’s Labyrinth, Green Mile and other paintings actually by Drew Struzan can be seen in his studio. He is painting a picture known immediately to Stephen King fans to be for his The Dark Tower. This is the original painting created for the film. 


Netflix Origami

HERE is a fun way to recycle your NetFlix flaps. NetFlix tear-off flaps are sturdy, colorful, and perfect for origami and paper airplanes, so don’t just toss those wrappers into the recycling bin.


Although most origami requires special paper squares, this site adapted these designs so you can use NetFlix flaps without alteration. Just tear them off carefully at the perforated line and follow the step-by-step instructions for making paper-folding magic.


No Nike+iPod Integration For Prior Apple iPod Touch Or Apple iPhone

Apple has confirmed that Nike+iPod integration, featured in the new second-generation iPod touch, will not be coming to prior iPod touch, iPhone, or iPhone 3G models. The restriction stems from the technology required to connect the touch 2G to the receiver without using the standard dongle, which is absent in prior devices. Furthermore, the dongle will not work with the devices listed above. 

Sony’s New ICF-CD3iP iPhone Clock Radio

Sony has announced the ICF-CD3iP, a third-generation iPod/iPhone clock radio dock with a modern new look. The front has a circular housing that features a clock, AM/FM radio and a CD player.  An attached base on the side holds the Apple device itself.

Music can be played using any of the sources and includes MP3 CDs and CD-R/RW audio discs. The iPhone or iPod are integrated with the alarm clock to wake up the owner and can be controlled using the included remote control. The ICF-CD3iP will be available in October with a price estimated at $100.

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