Quentin Tarantino Reveals Plans To Shoot An Eight-Episode TV Series Next Year

Quentin Tarantino has disclosed that he has plans to step back into television, looking to shoot an eight-episode series in 2023. The film director shared news of the project Wednesday night while promoting his new book, “Cinema Speculation,” at a New York event hosted by Elvis Mitchell.

The filmmaker wasn’t forthright with narrative or production details around the project. Tarantino has worked in television before, directing two episodes of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” in 2005. Since then he has flirted with venturing back, with reports emerging in February that the director was in talks to helm installments of FX’s “Justified” revival.

The N.Y. conversation covered a lot of ground, with Tarantino touching on other projects he’s circled over the years. The writer-director shared that he wrote a play before “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was completed. He also stated that he was approached to do a rewrite of Samuel L. Jackson’s 2000 “Shaft” reboot but rejected the offer.

Asked which comic book he would adapt if given the choice, Tarantino stated that he would be interested in bringing Marvel’s “Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos” to the screen. “Sgt. Fury” follows Nick Fury, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the escapades of the eponymous World War II unit, which appeared in 2011’s “Captain America: The First Avenger.”

Whether Tarantino proceeds with the television series remains somewhat of an uncertainty. In recent years, the director circled producing and possibly directing a “Star Trek” entry after making a pitch to J.J. Abrams, though he later shared that he was “steering away” from the project.

“Cinema Speculation,” Tarantino’s new collection of essays on films that were formative for him, is now available to purchase.

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Zombie By Joyce Carol Oates Now Available For Pre-Order From Suntup Editions

Written in the form of journal entries—collections of thoughts broken up by screaming capital letters and crude marker drawings—Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates is a brilliant, unflinching journey into the psychotic consciousness of a serial killer.

Zombie views the world through the eyes of Quentin P., newly paroled sex offender, as he chillingly evolves from rapist to mass murderer. With each page of his diary, Quentin details his obsession with creating a “zombie”—a lobotomized young man to serve as a sex slave—while interspersing recollections of his past nefarious deeds. Devastating in its impact, Zombie provides a psychologically astute portrait of the cold calculation and dark obsession that can make a serial killer horrifyingly successful and maddeningly elusive.

Upon its publication in 1995, Zombie was proclaimed the author’s “boldest, most disturbing masterwork… demonstrating why Oates ranks among America’s most respected and accomplished literary artists.” Bestselling author and psychiatrist Peter D. Kramer wrote of the novel, “At the heart of Zombie are chastening paradoxes: Depicting the worst in human nature, Oates embodies our saving virtues, empathy, imagination and wonder. Zombie succeeds at a profound level, simultaneously horrifying the reader and demonstrating that nothing human is alien to us.”

Zombie was awarded the 1995 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in a Novel. 

Artist Edition

– 6” x 9” trim size.
– 176 Pages.
– Limited to 750 copies.
– Signed by Laurel Hausler.
– Full cloth binding.
– Foil blocked cover.
– New exclusive introduction by Joyce Carol Oates.
– Six mixed media illustrations by Laurel Hausler.
– Dust jacket illustrated by Laurel Hausler (the only edition featuring this illustrated dust jacket).
– Printed offset on arrchival Cougar Opaque paper.
– Housed in a slipcase covered with black Skivertex.
– Bookmark with all pre-orders.

Order HERE for $135.

Watch The Elemental Teaser Trailer

Check out the teaser trailer for Disney and Pixar’s “Elemental,” an all-new, original feature film set in Element City, where fire-, water-, land- and air-residents live together. The story introduces Ember, a tough, quick-witted and fiery young woman, whose friendship with a fun, sappy, go-with-the-flow guy named Wade challenges her beliefs about the world they live in. Directed by Peter Sohn, produced by Denise Ream, and featuring the voices of Leah Lewis and Mamoudou Athie as Ember and Wade, respectively, “Elemental” releases on June 16, 2023. 

Watch The 80 For Brady Trailer

80 For Brady is inspired by the true story of four best friends living life to the fullest when they take a wild trip to the 2017 Super Bowl LI to see their hero Tom Brady play. Starring Academy Award nominee Lily Tomlin, Academy Award winner Jane Fonda, Academy Award winner Rita Moreno and Academy Award winner Sally Field, with 7-time Super Bowl Champion and producer Tom Brady, 80 For Brady is in-theatres February 3, 2023.

Steven Spielberg Waited 60 Years To Tell This Story

When Steven Spielberg was a kid growing up in 1950s Arizona, watching westerns on his family’s 20-inch black-and-white Philco, he would creep right up to the screen, as if to surround himself with the image. He also wished he could see these moving pictures in color. So he’d riffle through his family’s collection of slides, having learned that by holding one transparency or another up to the television screen he could turn grayed-out western skies blue, or the ground to a realistic-looking green. Recalling this story from a conference room at his production company Amblin Entertainment, he winds toward the classic punch line: “So my mom would walk in, and she’d see me holding these slides up to both of my eyes, right next to the TV set. And she’d say, ‘You’re going to burn your eyes out!’”

Spielberg’s mom, like all the other ’50s moms who said the same thing, was wrong about that. But we all know what she must have been thinking: Who is this child?

If you’ve seen even just one Steven Spielberg movie in the past 50-odd years—the bone-rattling shark extravaganza Jaws, the poetic Holocaust drama Schindler’s List, the glorious storybook reverie E.T., not just a film for children but one of the greatest films about childhood ever made—you have some sense of who this child grew up to be. And when you see his new film, The Fabelmans (in theaters Nov. 23), a work of astonishing vividness that’s drawn from his own family’s story, you’ll know even more. Movies have been around for roughly 130 years; Spielberg’s career has covered more than a third of that, and counting. Yet The Fabelmans hardly feels like a late-career movie. It’s more of an intimate reckoning, both joyous and unapologetically direct, a jetway for a new beginning.

Gabriel LaBelle as Spielberg’s Fabelmans stand-in; the director during the production of Firelight, a movie he directed in 1964 at age 17

Not every 75-year-old filmmaker makes a movie like this. Of the brash young guys who remade Hollywood in the early 1970s—among them Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, and Francis Ford Coppola—Spielberg is one of the few still making vital pictures at a consistent clip. Yet his career is extraordinary in any context. He’s made some box-office disappointments, but naming a badly made Spielberg film is hard, probably because there isn’t one. No living filmmaker can match his devotion to craftsmanship, to finding new ways of showing us things we think we’ve seen a million times before.

Arnold Spielberg and Leah Spielberg in 1951

As an account of Spielberg’s roots, The Fabelmans, which he co-wrote with his frequent collaborator Tony Kushner, is more immediate than any written memoir could be. It also took him years to be ready to make it. The movie details not just his beginnings as a precocious child filmmaker, but also a secret he shared with his mother Leah until her death at 97, in 2017. At age 16, he learned that his mother was in love with a close family friend, whom Spielberg regarded as an uncle. Spielberg’s mother and his father Arnold would eventually divorce; Leah married that family friend, Bernie Adler, in 1967. But only Spielberg and Leah knew the specifics of the timeline—an instance of a young man having to reckon with his parents as full human beings before reaching adulthood himself.

Michelle Williams in The Fabelmans; Leah Adler, Spielberg’s mother, in 1965 in Saratoga, California.

Read more from the TIME cover story HERE.

Watch The Recruit Trailer

The Recruit centers around Owen Hendricks (Noah Centineo), a young CIA lawyer whose first week on the job turns upside down when he discovers a threatening letter by former asset Max Meladze (Laura Haddock), who plans to expose the agency unless they exonerate her of a serious crime. Owen quickly becomes entangled in a dangerous and often absurd world of power politics and mischievous players, as he travels the world in hopes of completing his assignment and making a mark at the CIA.

Netflix’s new spy series, The Recruit, premieres Friday, December 16th.

Steve Martin And Cartoonist Harry Bliss On New Cartoon Memoir, Number One Is Walking: My Life In The Movies And Other Diversions

“CBS Mornings” co-host Gayle King sits down with actor Steve Martin and cartoonist Harry Bliss to discuss their new book, “Number One is Walking: My Life in the Movies and Other Diversions.”

Martin shares behind-the-scenes stories about hit movies like, “Three Amigos,” and talks about getting Paul McCartney to sing one of his songs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook On Newest Apple Features, The Economy And What’s Next

“CBS Mornings” co-host Nate Burleson goes to Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley to spend time with CEO Tim Cook and get an exclusive look at a new iPhone safety feature. The two talk about the newest Apple features, the economy and Cook’s future.

The Adventures of Batman: The Complete Collection Arrives On Blu-ray February 28, 2023

One of Filmation’s most beloved animated series has been newly remastered in high definition for release on Blu-ray for the first time ever! Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will distribute The Adventures of Batman: The Complete Collection on February 28, 2023, as a two-disc set featuring all 34 episodes of the classic series for $29.98 SRP.

The Adventures of Batman was one of the spotlight animated television series to be produced by Filmation, who generated more than 50 animated series, over a dozen television shorts, specials and movies, and eight feature films. The Adventures of Batman was also paired with another famous DC Super Hero to become The Batman/Superman Hour.

Filmation veteran Olan Soule (Super Friends, The Towering Inferno) provided the voice of Batman, while American Top 40 co-founder & host Casey Kasem (Scooby-Doo franchise) played Robin. The supporting cast featured two-time Emmy Award winner Ted Knight (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Caddyshack) as Commissioner Gordon, Larry Storch (F Troop) as Joker, and Jane Webb (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Archie Show) as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. 

Soule and Kasem became the reigning voices of Batman and Robin, respectively, for several years as the Dynamic Duo would appear in two The New Scooby-Doo Movies crossovers, various versions of Super Friends, and The New Adventures of Batman.

Premiering on September 14, 1968, The Adventures of Batman also featured Batman’s primary rogues’ gallery at the time – Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Riddler, Scarecrow, Dollman, Mad Hatter and Simon the Pieman – as well as some notable team-ups of those villains.

Celebrate The 2022 Holiday Season With Limited Edition SPAM Figgy Pudding

The makers of the SPAM Brand bring ‘good tidings’ with the official launch of their limited-edition SPAM Figgy Pudding. The new seasonal variety is now available while supplies last at SPAM.com, amazon.com and walmart.com, and features a blend of warm spices and popular seasonal ingredients that will have SPAM Brand lovers caroling all season long.

A savory, sweet and comforting treat, SPAM Figgy Pudding evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth, taking consumers back to their favorite memories from holidays past. The variety features cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and cloves, along with popular winter flavor profiles like fig and orange flavors – the perfect addition to sacred family recipes or tasty new traditions.

Some simple and complimentary dishes to try with SPAM Figgy Pudding include spiced Dutch baby pancakes, crispy skewers and festive charcuterie board bites.

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