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€19 Euro Stephen King Bookmark

Following up on the success of the $19 Dollar Bookmark, 19th Edition is proud to make available for pre-order the €19 Euro Bookmark! As with previous offerings, this bookmark is full of references to King’s many works and will look great displayed on your shelves or tucked away, holding your space while reading his next great novel!

Pre-order HERE for $3 each, it will ship on June 30th.

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19th Edition Announces The Brooks Hatlen Memorial Library Card Bookmark

Here is a look at what’s next from 19th Edition; a brand new Stephen King bookmark based on my favorite film, The Shawshank Redemption. The Brooks Hatlen Memorial Library Card features familiar elements from the iconic movie plus some fun easter eggs. 

In the movie and novella, Brooks Hatlen was an inmate at Shawshank State Prison from 1905 to 1955. Although his crime is never revealed, murder is presumed due to his lengthy prison sentence. He was the librarian of the prison starting in 1912, and was friends with Andy Dufresne. Brooks died after committing suicide in 1955 at the age of 73.

The bookmarks measure 2.75″ X 6.5” and will be printed on 16pt. card stock. The Brooks Hatlen Memorial Library Card  will be available on May 26th and will ship out June 19th.

Order HERE for $3 each. Other items from 19th Edition include the $19 Dollar Stephen King Bookmark and the Guide to U.S. First Editions of Stephen King.

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$19 Dollar Stephen King Bookmark

19th Edition is offering the perfect bookmark for all fans of the storytelling master Stephen King. With dozens of hidden references to his works on the front and back, this collectable bookmark will save your spot if you’re reading King . . . or any other author, for that matter!

Shipping May 19th! Order HERE for $3.00 each.

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