Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Show Announced At 2013 SXSW

Today at SXSW, Marvel Entertainment announced Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Show, a weekly web series that will tie into Marvel’s film, animation, comics, and web interests together with reality programming, news and documentaries. G4′s Blair Butler will host the show covering movies, comics, video games, and television with celebrity interviews and first looks at upcoming MarvelContinue reading “Marvel’s Earth’s Mightiest Show Announced At 2013 SXSW”

Marvel’s Announces Project Gamma At 2013

Marvel’s Project Gamma is a unique immersive experience that brings fully adaptive music and sound together with digital comics to create an entirely new audio-visual event. Project Gamma represents a landmark partnership between Marvel Entertainment, Momentum Worldwide and CORD (A Cutting Edge Company), the composers and producers of such award-winning films as the Harry PotterContinue reading “Marvel’s Announces Project Gamma At 2013”

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