Sequel Gallery Show To Open At iam8bit On November 13, 2014

Before “tentpole” and “franchise” became two of Hollywood’s favorite words, sequels were far less common than they are now. But let’s say they were—what would that look like? Billing itself as “part tribute and part cultural commentary,” Sequel is an upcoming art show featuring the work of a number of artists imagining movie sequels that never were.Continue reading “Sequel Gallery Show To Open At iam8bit On November 13, 2014”

Empire Magazine Announces The Greatest Movie Ever!

Empire Magazine and Empire Online recently conducted a poll of its readership and asked 250,000 fans to vote for the best movies of all time. Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back came in first place, beating out such perennial favorites as The Godfather, Citizen Kane and Casablanca. Check out the complete list HERE.

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