Inside The Story of The Beatles Documentary “Get Back”

Filmmaker Peter Jackson explains the technical process and the narrative arc of his new Beatles documentary “Get Back.” Disney+ will bring “The Beatles: Get Back,” a Disney+ Original documentary series directed by Peter Jackson, to fans and music lovers worldwide over the Thanksgiving holidays. Because of the wealth of tremendous footage Peter Jackson has reviewed,Continue reading “Inside The Story of The Beatles Documentary “Get Back””

Exploring The Unreleased Music In Prince’s Vault

It’s been five years since Prince died, but his estate continues to churn out new music from the prolific artist.  Jon Wertheim reports on the unreleased songs – 8,000 by one estimate – locked away in Prince’s vault and the newly unlocked album, “Welcome 2 America” Watch the 60 Minutes piece below.

Paul McCartney Opens Up About Abbey Road & The Beatles’ Breakup In Wide-Ranging Interview

In his first profile on 60 Minutes, Paul McCartney walks down memory lane while looking through old pictures and videos and talks about how he still feels the need to prove himself with his music. Read more HERE.

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