The Triple-Dog Dare Scene From A Christmas Story Recreated In Real Life By Improv Everywhere

Improv Everywhere recreated the “triple-dog dare” scene from A Christmas Story on a New York City subway car. The actor used a prosthetic tongue with a magnet inside to make his tongue appear to be stuck to the subway pole, just like Flick’s tongue was stuck to the flagpole in the classic Christmas film.

Heisenberg, Bueller & Red Ryder Print Series By Chet Phillips

Austin, Texas illustrator Chet Phillips released a series of prints that pay tribute to Breaking Bad, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and A Christmas Story. Each illustration features memorable quotes, objects, and a lead character from the film or TV series. Prints are available to purchase online for $25 from his Etsy store, ChetArt.   HeisenbergContinue reading “Heisenberg, Bueller & Red Ryder Print Series By Chet Phillips”

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