Watch The Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? Trailer

The year was 1996, and the cola wars were raging. Despite Pepsi’s celeb-soaked advertisements, Coke still held the bigger market share, so the second-place brand decided to roll out their biggest campaign ever: Called “Pepsi Stuff,” it featured a soon-to-be infamous commercial implying that if you just bought enough of their products, you could useContinue reading “Watch The Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? Trailer”

Danny DeVito Is Jersey Mike’s First-Ever Celebrity Endorser

Veteran actor and New Jersey native Danny DeVito grew up mere miles from the original Jersey Mike’s sub shop on Point Pleasant Beach. While that certainly isn’t a requirement to star in one of the brand’s ads, it does make him uniquely suited to speak to its enduring draw, which is exactly what he’s doingContinue reading “Danny DeVito Is Jersey Mike’s First-Ever Celebrity Endorser”

Meet NERF’s New Mascot, Murph

Nerf, the company known for its blasters that fire soft, foam darts at targets, now has its very own mascot named Murph. Hasbro, Nerf’s parent company, unveiled a new mascot, which is supposed to embody the fun and active play brand. Debuting the “Unleash the play in you” campaign, Murph is intended to drive homeContinue reading “Meet NERF’s New Mascot, Murph”

LEGO 90th Anniversary Ad: We Are All Builders

LEGO turns 90 this year and they want us to celebrate together because we are all builders. Through LEGO, we take the world around us and build it into something better, something more playful.

Darth Vader 3D Billboard

To celebrate the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+, the franchise has created a larger-than-life billboard in New York City featuring Darth Vader. Onlookers around Times Square were surprised to see the Star Wars antagonist pace around the huge activation while menacingly holding his red lightsaber. The activation is a collaboration between OLEDSpace and visualContinue reading “Darth Vader 3D Billboard”

M&M Characters Redesigned For A “More Dynamic, Progressive World”

M&M’s iconic characters — six different colored “lentils,” each with their own personality — have gotten a modern makeover for a “more dynamic, progressive world,” Mars said Thursday. The redesign is focused on creating a sense of belonging and community, as well as spotlighting the character’s “personalities, rather than their gender.”  The most notable changesContinue reading “M&M Characters Redesigned For A “More Dynamic, Progressive World””

Oreo Drops New Batman Cookies With Riddles That Unlock the Batcave

The Batman is one of the most anticipated film releases of 2022 and in an unusual marketing tie-in around the movie, Oreo (Europe) is jumping on the hype by bringing out the playful side of the dark superhero.  The Mondeléz-owned brand’s campaign for The Batman focuses on riddles, the signature weapon of the movie’s villain,Continue reading “Oreo Drops New Batman Cookies With Riddles That Unlock the Batcave”

Apple Releases ‘Saving Simon’ Holiday Ad

Apple shared its annual holiday ad titled “Saving Simon,” shot on the iPhone 13 Pro. Directed by Oscar-nominated actor and filmmaker Jason Reitman and his father, Oscar-nominated film director Ivan Reitman, Apple describes the three-minute ad as “a story for everyone who can’t wait for the holidays to get here.” The ad is set toContinue reading “Apple Releases ‘Saving Simon’ Holiday Ad”

This McDonald’s Billboard Doubles As A Walk-Thru Window Offering McFlurries

McDonald’s has found a new way to catch hungry customers in their tracks. The fast-food brand has erected a billboard in London that doubles as a walk-thru service offering free McFlurries, its signature ice cream product. Passersby can literally walk through a hatch on the billboard and pick up a McFlurry with vanilla ice creamContinue reading “This McDonald’s Billboard Doubles As A Walk-Thru Window Offering McFlurries”

McDonald’s Minimalist Ads

Once again, McDonald’s is back with striking minimalist ads! This time, it is to promote the reopening of its restaurants in France! As part of the ‘No Logo’ campaign, the fast food giant in conjunction with ad agency TBWA Paris, has pixelated its iconic food items, accompanied by the text, ‘Guess who’s back’!  

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