iHome iP47BT Clock Radio & Speakerphone for iPhone

The iP47 ($199) supports Bluetooth technology, so you can wirelessly dial and receive calls through its speakerphone function and more easily read caller ID information on the large LCD display. Its dual alarm clock radio allows you to wake and sleep to your iPhone music, radio, or buzzer and to set separate alarm times andContinue reading “iHome iP47BT Clock Radio & Speakerphone for iPhone”

DataCase for iPhone

If you’ve been looking for a way to turn that 16GB iPhone into a wireless flash drive, there’s a new solution available for you called DataCase. You can now purchase DataCase in the iTunes App Store for $6.99. DataCase makes it easy to view your Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents, audio, video, and photos on the iPhone.  Continue reading “DataCase for iPhone”

‘The iTunes Download’ to Debut This Weekend

Premiere Radio Networks has announced the launch of ”The iTunes Download,” a new three-hour weekend countdown show hosted by iTunes Director of Music Programming Alex Luke. In addition to playing a selection of the 30 most downloaded songs from iTunes, the show will feature interviews with high-profile artists, celebrity playlists, and iMixes. President of PremiereContinue reading “‘The iTunes Download’ to Debut This Weekend”

The iPhone 3G Now In Stock At All Apple Retail Stores

If you’ve been wanting an iPhone 3G but haven’t had any lucking finding one in stock, your waiting might be over. According to Apple’s iPhone 3G inventory tracking tool every Apple store in the US has the new iPhone in stock as of today. As expected, the stock levels normalized once the initial rush ebbed.Continue reading “The iPhone 3G Now In Stock At All Apple Retail Stores”

Apple Warns of Near-Term iPod Shortages – Product Refresh Could Be Soon

Apple has issued an advisement bulletin to select resellers suggesting that the company is beginning to ramp down production of current-generation iPod models, according to AppleInsider. In the advisement, Apple “strongly suggested” that resellers either bring in or place immediate orders for approximately four weeks worth of their top selling iPod models, noting that suppliesContinue reading “Apple Warns of Near-Term iPod Shortages – Product Refresh Could Be Soon”

Rumor: MacBook Touch

The rumor is that Apple is coming out with a MacBook Touch in October, which will be Apple’s answer to an iTablet. Here’s a description: “Think MacBook screen, possibly a bit smaller, in glass with iPhone-like, but fuller-featured multi-touch. Gesture library. Full Mac OS X.” It’s like a mash-up of every product in Apple’s currentContinue reading “Rumor: MacBook Touch”

iPhone 3G Supply Snapshot: 61% of Apple Stores Sold Out

A week after its launch, the iPhone 3G remains a hard-to-find item in the U.S., with nearly all of AT&T’s company-owned stores sold out. According to checks made earlier this morning by iLounge, Apple’s online iPhone 3G availability page shows approximately 61% of the company’s 187 retail stores sold out of iPhone 3G. 57 storesContinue reading “iPhone 3G Supply Snapshot: 61% of Apple Stores Sold Out”

Apple Debuts App Store in Advance of iPhone 3G

Apple’s App Store has arrived. Apple launched its App Store Thursday which features third-party applications for the iPhone 3G one day in advance of the much anticipated iPhone 3G which goes on sale Friday. The App Store became available this morning when Apple released its 7.7 version of the iTunes software. The App Store willContinue reading “Apple Debuts App Store in Advance of iPhone 3G”

Apple Confirms 8 AM iPhone 3G Launch, Posts ‘Where to Buy’ Guide

One week after AT&T announced it would be opening its retail stores at 8 a.m. local time on July 11 for the launch of the iPhone 3G, Apple has confirmed that its own retail stores will do the same. A new message on Apple’s retail website reads “iPhone 3G Coming July 11 at 8 a.m.”Continue reading “Apple Confirms 8 AM iPhone 3G Launch, Posts ‘Where to Buy’ Guide”

AT&T Announces iPhone 3G Pricing Plans

AT&T today announced its pricing structure for the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone — which you can plunk down money for come 8 am, July 11th. There’s not much that’s surprising here — new customers and those eligible for an upgrade will be able to nab the phone for $199 (8GB) or $299 (16GB), whileContinue reading “AT&T Announces iPhone 3G Pricing Plans”

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