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Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child’s Original Art By Rafael Grampá Could Go For A Half-Million Dollars

Rafael Grampá’s original art for the 2019 one-shot Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child has finally gone on sale – and it’s doing pretty well.

Grampá’s agency Chiaroscuro Studios opened sales on the pages in late March, and in the first 24 hours took in almost $200,000 with a sale of a third of the pages from the Frank Miller-written piece.

“I’m so proud of this life-changing project, to be able to be one of the very few artists that had the chance to materialize Frank Miller’s visions into art and being part of his seminal Dark Knight Returns saga forever,” Grampá said in the announcement.

These are all pen and ink drawings on standard comic book boards, measuring 11″ x 17”.


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Sun-Kissed – The Art of George Townley

On April 2nd – 17th, 2021, George Townley will return to Gallery1988 for his second annual solo show titled Sun-Kissed – The Art of George Townley.

There’ll be new exclusive pieces focusing on iconic locations in and around Los Angeles, as well as limited-edition variants of some of his most popular existing prints.

Below is a collection of prints that the artist will have available at the show.

In-N-Out LAX

In-N-Out LAX (Variant)

House on Caliente

Chemosphere at Sunset

Chemosphere at Night

In-N-Out Westwood (Variant)

Hollywood Bowl at Night

The Georgian Hotel

Dingbat House in Culver City

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Mondo To Release The Amazing Spider-Man: To Crush A Spider Screenprinted Poster By Ciro Nieli On March 25

Tomorrow Mondo will release an amazing new poster for a Spider-Man story that never was, by the spectacular Ciro Nieli.

Way back in 2006, before his work on two of the best animated series of all time, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010) and TMNT (2012), Ciro was developing a pitch for an animated Spider-Man series. Last year, he shared some of his early sketchbook explorations for the design of Spidey and the Green Goblin, and Mondo was blown away. It took all of 3 seconds after seeing his post for Mondo to write him and ask if he ever had interest in doing a full screenprinted poster for ‘ol webhead.

From the start, Ciro had an awesome idea. People are obsessed with Marvel’s classic black light posters from the 70s, so Mondo used fluorescent inks to really make the colors sing. 

“As a kid, I didn’t realize his impact on me, how that abstract Spidey mask would become the face I associated with so many ideas: pain, fear, responsibility, and triumph. I wanted this poster to capture how tortured the world of teen Peter Parker was and how this little spider could overcome any obstacle, no matter how big or terrifying.”

Ciro Nieli

Available Thursday March 25 at 11 AM Central HERE.

The Amazing Spider-Man To Crush a Spider
Screenprinted Poster by Ciro Nieli
18″ x 24″
Edition of 175

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Bottleneck Gallery To Release Batman: Crime Alley Linocut Print By Brian Reedy On March 24

This Wednesday, Bottleneck Gallery will release a Batman linocut print by artist, Brian Reedy.

Brian’s newest print titled Crime Alley is a hyperdetailed rendition of the Caped Crusader keeping a watchful eye over Gotham City. Brian’s linocuts are always intricate, but the swirling nighttime sky and the beautiful architecture are truly wondrous!

The print will be available on Wednesday March 24 at 12PM ET at bottleneckgallery.com!

Crime Alley by Brian Reedy
Linocut print with hand-deckled edges on lokta paper
20 x 30 inches
Signed and hand-numbered edition of 150

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A comprehensive monograph on the work of KAWS, one of the most sought-after artists and creative forces of our time

Drawing from Pop art traditions, KAWS’s work straddles the line between fine art and popular culture, crossing the mediums of painting and sculpture, along with fashion, merchandise, vinyl toys, and, most recently, augmented reality. This book, made in close collaboration with the artist, features his most well-known works alongside sketches, preparatory drawings, and never-before-seen images of KAWS at work, revealing the meticulous process behind his iconic artworks. Accompanying a major retrospective exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, it captures the artist’s unique ability to reshape the ways we think about contemporary art and culture today.

You can pre-order the book HERE for $60 and it will be released on June 24, 2001.  You can choose a black, pink, orange, or yellow cover.

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Simon Bisley’s Original Lobo No. 1 Cover Heads To Auction For The First Time

Lobo, DC Comics’ bounty hunter from outer space, is the joke who was quickly taken very seriously.

The snarling, cigar-chomping Main Man riding his Spacehog ‘round the galaxy was introduced in 1983, in a comic book that wasn’t exactly setting newsstands on fire, Omega Men No. 3, written by Roger Slifer and drawn by Keith Giffen. Lobo was just one bad guy among several, a killer and kidnapper whose attitude and appearance was intended “as an indictment of the Punisher, Wolverine bad-ass hero prototype,” Giffen later told Newsarama.

Which people adored. Admired. Loved.

“Somehow he caught on as the high-violence poster boy,” Giffen said of The Last Czarnian. “Go figure.”

Twenty-eight years later, he’s nearly as much a DC mainstay as the holy Trinity or any other member of the Justice League. He’s carried several titles of his own, from a mini-series to specials and spinoffs to a decent run under his own banner to countless guest shots in best-selling books. Only months ago he was a key player in Dark Nights: Death Metal, the universe-resetting series that yet again made over the DC multiverse. And for years there has even been talk of a Lobo movie.

In large part, the character’s enduring popularity can be credited to the artist who made Lobo the beloved bastich he is today: Simon Bisley, the self-taught British artist who got his start rocking heavy-metal magazines, made his case drawing Judge Dredd, scored a Doom Patrol cover for DC and wound up owning the intergalactic mercenary who bounced around a few other titles until scoring his own eponymous mini-series in 1990.

And it’s that very first cover to that very first issue that now heads to auction for the very first time.

Bisley’s painted cover for Lobo No. 1 is a centerpiece in Heritage Auctions’ April 1-4 Comics & Comic Art Signature Auction event. For a generation of readers and artists, Bisley’s work in – and on – this book changed everything.

In a 2019 interview with the webzine DC in the 80s, Eisner Award-winning illustrator Jim Rugg said that when he first saw Bisley’s cover to the 99-cent book, his initial reaction was a simple, “WTF?”

Said Rugg, “Simon Bisley’s Lobo was radically different than what I was familiar with. I bought it and read it immediately. Reading just ratcheted up the weirdness. The unusual art and the strange story combined for a very memorable experience. Shocking — not because of the violence per se, but the overall tone of the book was unlike any comic I had encountered up to that point. It was disturbing but also funny. Unique and weird and looked amazing. It represents what I like in a comic book and nailing story/art is very rare. 

“When I read it, it blew my mind. Simon Bisley’s art was a revelation. This was 1990. I was reading Mark Bagley’s New Warriors, Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man, Rob Liefeld’s New Mutants, Jim Lee’s Uncanny X-Men. This was an era of dark, violent superheroes, but I had never seen anything that looked like Lobo or read like Lobo. I wanted more. It was so different and wild. It felt like anything could happen. Lobo was a maniac. I liked the Punisher and Wolverine, but Lobo was a whole other level of madness.”

Bisley’s cover to Lobo No. 1 serves as perfect introduction and quintessential portrait – a drop of blood drawn by the psychotic grin beneath a maniac’s mane, that half-stare-half-squint with eyes red as the devil, and the rock-and-roll get up more mental than metal.

There’s no doubt Bisley’s Lobo is beloved – and highly coveted. Earlier this year, Heritage offered his original painted cover to the 1991 trade paperback Lobo: The Last Czarnian, which collected the four-issue mini-series, and it realized more than $50,000 after heated bidding. Now comes the very first Lobo. The main attraction featuring The Main Man.

In a 2019 interview, Bisley said of all the characters he’s ever drawn, of course Lobo is “my ultimate favorite, because I reinvented him and made him my own.”

Soon, it will be someone else’s.

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Suntup Editions Insomnia U.K. First Edition Fine Art Print By Steve Crisp

This month, Suntup Editions announces their third and final print from British artist, Steve Crisp. Previously, they published Crisp’s first U.K. edition covers of Skeleton Crew and Needful Things. Now, Suntup presents the beautiful artwork which graced the first U.K. edition of Insomnia.

Published in 1994, Insomnia is Stephen King’s 34th book. This horror/fantasy novel follows retired widower Ralph Roberts whose increasing insomnia allows him to perceive auras and other hidden things, leading him to join a conflict between the forces of the Purpose and the Random. Unlike the first U.S. edition which featured only the stark red and white letters of the title and author on its cover, Constant Readers in the U.K. were treated to Steve Crisp’s fantastic artwork depicting an elderly face hidden within the wrinkles of a lone pillow upon the bed. Now this art can be enjoyed for the first time without cover text as a beautiful giclée print.

All prints are hand-signed by Steve Crisp. Exclusively available through Suntup Editions for your private collection, and limited to just 50 signed copies per size, worldwide.

Order HERE.

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Dark Knight Returns – The Golden Child Original Artwork By Rafael Grampá – Collector’s Preview

The original artwork by the groundbreaking artist Rafael Grampá for Frank Miller’s magnum opus latest chapter comes to Chiaroscuro Studios Gallery in a rare and epic event.

All the 48 art pieces will drop next Saturday (03/20) at 12:00 PM EST, on Chiaroscuro Studios Gallery site (which will be announced soon) and on the Chiaroscuro CAF Gallery. 

“I’m so proud of this life-changing project, to be able to be one of the very few artists that had the chance to materialize Frank Miller’s visions into art and being part of his seminal Dark Knight Returns saga forever.” 

Rafael Grampá

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Batman: The Animated Series Phantom City Creative Collection Exclusive Edition

Tomorrow, Friday March 12th at 2 PM Eastern, Phantom City Creative will release their exclusive version of the Batman: The Animated Series Phantom City Creative Collection art book with extras you can’t get anywhere else!

The signed book will be limited to only 200 copies. This collector’s edition features an exclusive screen printed dust jacket and many extras such as:

Mr. Freeze Mug Shots 4″x6″ Screen Print

Batman 8″x 8″ Screen Print

Joker 8″x 8″ Screen Print

Batman Side Profile 4″x 6″ Screen Print

Batman Symbol ” 4″x 6″ Screen Print

Batmobile Bookmark 2.5″x13″ Screen Print

Gotham Bookmark 2.5″x13″ Screen Print

The book will be available HERE for $95 and it will ship in May 2021.

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Scott C. March 2021 Great Showdowns Print Releases

The third Tuesday of the month is almost upon us which means it is time for another Great Showdown print release!

Next Tuesday, March 16th at 1pm EST, the Scott C Shop shall welcome 4 new prints: “The Child”, “The Little Boombox”, “The Teacher”, and “The Ghost Brothers”.

This will be a timed release which means the prints will be on sale for just 48 hours. The edition size shall be determined by however many have sold in that 48 hour span of time. The sale ends Thursday at 1:00pm EST.

The Child – $15 (5 x 5 inches, 48 hour timed release)

The Little Boombox – $15 (5 x 5 inches, 48 hour timed release)

The Teacher – $15 (5 x 5 inches, 48 hour timed release)

The Ghost Brothers – $20 (5 x 7 inches, 48 hour timed release)

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