826 Pirate Posters

826 Valencia is proud to unveil four new posters ($20 each or all four for $70). The prints offer guidance and advice on subjects ranging from the proper compensation for a lost limb to the best order for plundering and pillaging. Designed by Office, these spectacular posters are 20×26 inches, and silk-screened on really niceContinue reading “826 Pirate Posters”

Obama Fundraiser Brings Deluge Of Books From Stephen King And More

Ayelet Waldman is opening boxes. “My mail carrier is having heart palpitations,” she says. A week ago, Waldman sent a casual e-mail –- it “had all these typos” –- to just five friends, asking them to donate books to benefit Barack Obama. To her surprise, “the thing goes completely viral. All of a sudden IContinue reading “Obama Fundraiser Brings Deluge Of Books From Stephen King And More”

Errol Morris’ Film “Stand Up to Cancer”

Here’s an excerpt from Errol Morris’ emotional film about cancer survivors and relatives of people who died from cancer. Morris is a master at getting people to utter profound, unexpected things and present them in a powerful way.  If you are moved, then please make a charitable donation HERE.    

Place Your Bids: JetBlue Auctioning Tickets on eBay

JetBlue’s opened an eBay store to auction tickets and vacation packages to some of its 50 destinations, and early bidding has been strong despite a technical glitch that shut the store down for a few hours.   The store features seven-day auctions for more than 300 one- and two-person round-trip flights. Bidding starts at a nickel andContinue reading “Place Your Bids: JetBlue Auctioning Tickets on eBay”

Please Help Support Extra Life

Extra Life is a 24-hour gaming marathon to fund pediatric cancer research and treatment. On Saturday October 18th, 2008 gamers from around the world will come together for 24 hours to raise money and awareness for the cause of pediatric cancer.  Cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death in children.  Together, we’re goingContinue reading “Please Help Support Extra Life”

Help Save Superman’s House

This week Brad Meltzer‘s new novel, The Book of Lies, arrives in stores. As you may have heard, it touches upon one of Meltzer’s biggest passions: the creation of Superman. When the author was researching his book, though, he discovered something even more disturbing than anything he had read in a comic book. The ClevelandContinue reading “Help Save Superman’s House”

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