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DC Expands Walmart Program To Include DC Collectibles

DC Collectibles, the award-winning line of collectibles, is bringing its acclaimed Batman: Black and White statue line to Walmart stores as 4″ mini-figures. The new figures are direct transformations of the company’s acclaimed 9″-scale figures and feature designs from many world-renowned artists including Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Amanda Conner, Darwyn Cooke and many more.

“Batman: Black and White is DC Collectibles’ longest-running statue line and continues to be one of our best-sellers,” said Jim Fletcher, executive creative director at DC Collectibles. “The line allows us to work with a wide array of talented artists from different industries, and we’re really excited to revisit our favorite designs in this all-new 4″ scale!”

Walmart’s exclusive DC Collectibles program also offers something unique for fans: the thrill of chance. Fans purchasing these Batman: Black and White figures at Walmart will find each in an exclusive, individual blind bag next to DC’s Comic Giants. DC Collectibles will release new figures every other month in waves of six, giving fans a wide selection and increasing the surprise factor for finding their favorite Batman characters.

The first waves of DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White 4″ figures heading to Walmart stores include:

February 2019:

– Batman by Amanda Connor
– Batman by Darwyn Cooke
– Batman by Jason Fabok
– Batman by Patrick Gleason
– Batman by Frank Quitely
– Batman by Dick Sprang

April 2019:

– Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm
– Robin by Frank Quitely
– Batman by Mike Allred
– Batman by John Romita Jr.
– Batman by Gary Frank
– Batman by Eduardo Risso

June 2019:

– The Joker by Jim Lee
– Batman by Dustin Nguyen
– Batman by Mike Mignola
– Batman by Sean “Cheeks” Galloway
– Batman from Batman: Arkham Asylum
– Batman by Jim Lee

August 2019:

– Penguin by Brian Bolland
– Robin by Carmine Infantino
– Batman by Carmine Infantino
– Batman by Chris Uminga
– Batman by Jae Lee
– Batman by Brian Bolland

The Walmart exclusive Batman: Black and White figures are priced at an MSRP of $5.00 each. The figures are available in more than 3,000 participating Walmart retailers in the United States. 

Fans wanting to purchase each wave at once can find all six Batman: Black and White mini-figures as a box set at participating comic book shops beginning in May. This direct market version will feature an additional, exclusive seventh figure in each set.

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Batman Black & White Statue Line Turns 50, Relaunches Comic, Hints At Fan-Driven Future

The Batman: Black and White statue line turns 50 today. No, not fifty years old, but fifty statues released! Sean Murphy’s well-balanced Batman makes #50, and the line shows no signs of stopping, with statues already planned through 2015.


As the line has continued over the last eight years, DC Collectibles has kept it surprisingly tight, releasing as few as four statues a year, despite its popularity. That’s by design, out of a desire to keep it special and not “flood the market.” Keeping the line special and listening to fan feedback is very important to DC Collectibles, in fact, who announced last week that the numbering system will be going back to the Black and White series, due strictly to popular request.

The Batman: Black and White statues came from the Batman: Black and White comic series – and now things have come full circle, with the comic series relaunching in September.


Newsarama talked with DC Collectible’s Kevin Kiniry (VP, Creative Services) and Jim Fletcher (Design Director, Creative Services) about the line’s continued evolution, how hard it is to do the figurative balancing act of releasing enough but not too many statues and even got some hints about what’s to come in the future of the line.




Read the interview HERE. For a full list of the statues that have been released so far, please click HERE.

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