THE FIRE WIRE Publishes Its 10,000th Post!

I began writing my blog, THE FIRE WIRE In April 2008 on a rainy day in Portland, Oregon and this week I am celebrating my 10,000th post! Man that’s a lot of articles… I want to personally thank all of the followers and readers of my website! I truly am appreciative of you taking timeContinue reading “THE FIRE WIRE Publishes Its 10,000th Post!”

THE FIRE WIRE Announces A Special VIP Technology Purchasing Program For Its Readers!

THE FIRE WIRE is now offering a special VIP Purchasing Program at MacMall to all of our loyal readers! Besides being the largest Mac product Reseller, MacMall also sells PC’s, Cintiqs, printers, hard drives, 3D printers, accessories, etc. MacMall also offers servers, software and cloud storage solutions to satisfy your home office or business needs.Continue reading “THE FIRE WIRE Announces A Special VIP Technology Purchasing Program For Its Readers!”

Check Out Reel Rewind At Cromeyellow.Com

If you have not had a chance to check out the great website, Cromeyellow, I urge you to do so. The blog features up to the minute news on cinephilia, art, music, gaming and nerdisms all in one place! The site run by all around nice guy, Sal Gabriel just began a new semi-monthly columnContinue reading “Check Out Reel Rewind At Cromeyellow.Com”

Texts From Superheroes, A Blog Featuring Witty Texts Between Comic Book Heroes & Villains

Texts From Superheroes is a Tumblr blog featuring witty iPhone text exchanges between comic book heroes and villains. The blog is run by internet comedian Diana McCallum and stand-up comedian Andrew Ivimey.

Butter Sculptures, Robot Pancakes & Floating Darth Vader

My nephew Ben, who happens to turn 10 tomorrow (Happy Birthday!) is THE FIRE WIRE’s youngest correspondent. You might remember his riveting video review of the Perplexus. Ben who lives in South Portland, Maine was kind enough to scour the internet and find some pretty cool things that are really interesting. So I thought that IContinue reading “Butter Sculptures, Robot Pancakes & Floating Darth Vader”

Thank You…Thank You Very Much!

Today THE FIRE WIRE received its one millionth hit in a little over one year.  I am flattered and somewhat surprised at this milestone.  I am so appreciative of everyone’s support! A heartfelt thank you goes out to my family, friends, the casual reader and the frequent visitor.  I hope you enjoy reading the blog asContinue reading “Thank You…Thank You Very Much!”

Thank You For Your Support In 2008

To Friends, Family and Readers, Thank you all for your kind support in 2008.  I truly appreciate you reading my blog and sharing the link with your friends.  My initial goal with The Fire Wire was to have a single online location that I could invite friends and family to that featured articles on thingsContinue reading “Thank You For Your Support In 2008”

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