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Clever Business Cards


Couples Therapist



The headquarters of advertising agency Clark&Kent is located in a New York City phone booth. To help people remember, they have created business cards that pop-out to look like a tiny phone booth.

For other creative business cards, please go to Clever Business Cards, Part II Clever Business Cards, Part III and Clever Business Cards, Part IV.

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The Mystery Bottle – A Deck of Cards Perfectly Preserved Inside A Solid Glass Bottle


The Mystery Bottle is an impossible object: a deck of cards, perfectly preserved inside of a solid glass bottle. The cards are real – sealed in cellophane and wrapped in kraft paper. The mystery: how did they get inside?

The deck of cards is wider than the mouth of the bottle, and the glass is guaranteed to be a genuine, unaltered milk bottle. Shake it as much as you want – the deck cannot be moved or removed. Each bottle contains one deck of Mystery Box Playing Cards, created by JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, and theory11.

The Mystery Bottle is an art piece handcrafted by Jamie D. Grant in Canada. He’s been featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and TEDx Emory – but his secret method remains a mystery.

Each bottle takes hours to create. It’s a labor of love that reminds all of us that the things we think impossible maybe – just maybe – might be within our grasp.

You can purchase the Mystery Bottle HERE for $100 and $10 per bottle sold benefits 826 National, a non-profit that promotes creative writing in schools and workshops around the USA. Help us share the wonder.

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Poker-Playing Marvel Superheroes: The Role That Poker Plays In Character Development


Every Marvel hero in existence has an ever-evolving character development, and as years pass writers continue to add depth to already well-rounded characters. Many real world issues have been reflected in the conceptualization of these Marvel superheroes. Even current pop culture staples have also made their way to comic storylines. Poker, in particular, has crept into the comic pages more than once. Here are just a few superheroes that have had poker integrated into their stories.

The Thing from Fantastic 4 

Formerly known as Benjamin Grimm, he along with the Avengers butler Edwin Jarvis have hosted a string of floating superhero poker games. Other than the Avengers, the characters that made appearances include Wolverine, Human Torch, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, Beast, and many others as dictated by the Marvel Universe. According to Comic Vine, Marvel fans debated over who would be the best poker player, The Thing or Gambit, which is the next superhero on the list.

Gambit from X-Men 

The superhero is equipped with a Bo staff and explosive playing cards, so it’s safe to say that he know s a thing or two about card games such as Texas Hold ‘Em. In that same forum about Marvel’s best poker player, those who said Gambit reasoned with the fact his kinetic energy allows him to be resistant to telepaths. Others wouldn’t stand a chance in trying to call his bluff.

Tony Stark or Iron Man 

When Iron Man isn’t soaring in the air in his amazingly advanced robotic suit, he is the pretentious and alarmingly wealthy Tony Stark that lives by an extravagant lifestyle. It’s really no surprise that he, out of all Marvel superheroes, could be caught sitting with the high rollers in a Las Vegas Casino or being dealt in alongside, Daniel Negreanu or the seasoned partypoker.com blogger and queen of poker, Kara Scott. Also, being the playboy that he is, he’ll probably be more interested in winning Kara over, than actually winning the pot.

Wolverine from X-Men 

Out of all the Marvel superheroes, Wolverine is the only one that actually played alongside a real poker professional, Daniel Negreanu. Granted, it was a cameo in the X-Men: Origins movie, but that could still count as Wolverine’s ability to play at a professional level, right?

Can you think of any more potential great poker players from the Marvel franchise?

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The J.J. Abrams x Theory11 Mystery Box


The J.J. Abrams x Theory11 Mystery Box ($150) is a collaborative effort from Abrams and magic makers Theory11.



This unique offering consists of a handcrafted lockbox made from 100-year-old reclaimed wood, iron-branded with a question mark and arriving with an alphanumeric lock. But unlike J.J.’s box, you’ll know what’s inside — 12 decks of playing cards wrapped in letterpressed kraft paper and a letterpressed note from Abrams himself.

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Ditto Greetings: The Movie Clip Greeting Card Website

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 7.14.30 AM

Ditto Greetings is a new online greeting card company allows users to send digital cards featuring clips from movies along with personalized messages.

You can share Wedding toast advice from Bridesmaids, a celebration of male friendship courtesy of Ted, breakup sympathy cards via Bridget Jones’s Diary and get well wishes from Knocked Up.

The cards are free to send and the messages are customizable. Users can send cards via email, Facebook and text message.

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Secret Audio Club Wax Packs


Secret Audio Club Wax Packs ($28) were made for those with fond memories of heading down to the local shop as kids and picking up a pack of baseball cards, hoping to come across something rare or special.

These collectible seven-inch vinyl records come packaged like baseball cards, with ten records in each series printed on black or limited edition color vinyl.

1385811_743284222352281_557068718_n photo

They also include trading cards for the various bands featured on the records, with each one containing digital download codes for more music. Look for music by bands such as Casual, Crybaby, Austin Lucas, John Moreland, Aspiga, Broadcaster, Gifthorse, Broken Field Runner, PJ Bond, Arliss Nancy, Marathon, Fire When Ready, Podacter, Banquets, Placeholder, Such Gold, Half Hearted Hero, Half Hearted Hero, Boxer and The Hundred Acre Woods.

Get each record in the series with this pack to discover new music, all while re-experiencing one of your favorite childhood hobbies.

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Rookies iPhone App: Create Your Own Personalized Baseball Cards


The iPhone Rookies App puts nostalgia into your fingertips. Whether it’s creating and sharing your personalized baseball cards on every social platform or purchasing a wax-sealed pack of your cards on premium retro stock, your collection will be the envy of your friends!

The FREE App allows you to:

Create: Snap a photo, customize colors and insert text onto the front and back in one of the many retro baseball card templates.

photo 1-1
Print: Purchase a wax-sealed pack of 20 cards on premium, two-sided recycled card stock for $12.99 plus shipping — delivered to your doorstep!

photo 2-1
Trade: Distribute your unique creations across social platforms or gift a real card to someone special.

photo 3

Coming Soon: Additional front and back templates (including statistics-based backs for the next year’s Little League season).

Download the app HERE.

Here are some samples that I created within a few minutes featuring my best friend Don’s son Asher and my daughter, Eliana.

photo 1

photo 2

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Clever Business Cards, Part IV

Based on popular demand, here are some additional clever business card designs.


Guitar Instruction


Concrete Business


Cheese Shop


Brazilian cheese store Bon Vivant hands out this creative miniature grater business card.


Yoga Studio


Musical Comb


Tennis Lessons


Library Check Out Card for an author


Heat Sensitive Cards


Tire tread measurer for a Tire Shop


My business card

If you like these clever business cards and would like to see more, then please check out Parts 1, 2 and 3.

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15% Off Any iTunes Pre-Paid Card From Target This Week

There is a great deal on iTunes gift cards at Target this week: 15% off with in-ad coupon! The coupon can be found in a smaller coupon section that is wrapped around the main ad. The details about the promo are on page 11 of the ad.

For instance, a $25 iTunes gift card will cost you $21.25 after coupon. A $15 gift card will cost you $12.75 after coupon.

There is also a code so you can get the same savings online! Use code TGFHJVZ8 to save 15% online at Target.com on all pe-paid iTunes gift cards!


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Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case From ThinkGeek


You can now show off your love of Star Wars while also passing out your business information with the spring-loaded Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case ($25) from Think Geek.


What appears to be a solid block of carbonite containing a tiny Han Solo is actually a spring-loaded case that holds a dozen business cards. This case is classy enough for the board room and geeky enough to make your convention contacts squee gleefully.

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