What’s Your SuperHero Name?

If you are struggling to come up with a cool superhero name for yourself, this handy chart might assist you. Try it out, that’s an order from Lowly Raging Fairy!

Help Nerdlocker Determine The Greatest Mondo Print of All Time

Mondo has put out some legendary prints over the years but what is their greatest poster of all time? There can be only one. As the brackets shrink down, tough decisions will have to be made. You can help Nerdlocker determine the greatest Mondo print of all time. Is it Tyler Stout’s The Thing? CouldContinue reading “Help Nerdlocker Determine The Greatest Mondo Print of All Time”

The Periodic Table of Super-Powers

With 70 years of super-hero comics behind us, there have been a lot of super-powers on the printed page — so many, in fact, that even the most dedicated comics reader can occasionally have a hard time keeping them straight. That’s why ComicsAlliance senior writer Chris Sims took it upon himself to finally get thingsContinue reading “The Periodic Table of Super-Powers”

The Best Pizzas in America

Yesterday food experts Ed Levine and Adam Kuban appeared on ‘Every Day With Rachael Ray’ and named the best pizzas in America. Four regional winners were picked: Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles, Great Lake in Chicago, Motorino in Brooklyn, New York and Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Rachel Ray’s magazine, which hits newstands on February 15th,Continue reading “The Best Pizzas in America”