MB&F Unveils Melchior Table Clock Robot For Its 10th Anniversary

MB&F will unveil Melchior for its 10th Anniversary. This robot is actually a table clock made from 480 components. The clock was designed by Xin Wang and uses a L’Epee clock moment as its head and torso. Its eyes are 20-second double retrograde counters, and its clock regulator is visible under the polished glass domeContinue reading “MB&F Unveils Melchior Table Clock Robot For Its 10th Anniversary”

Restoration Hardware 1940‘s Gymnasium Clock

An icon of American gyms, factories and service stations throughout America in the 1930s and ’40s, the industrial-grade original displayed bravado, durability and enduring accuracy. This Restoration Hardware reproduction clock ($229) captures the original in its entirety – the body crafted of riveted sheet metal, a sturdy metal grill in place of glass, and quartzContinue reading “Restoration Hardware 1940‘s Gymnasium Clock”

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