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Artist Luke Butland Announces Weapon of Choice Commissions

Artist Luke Butland announces Weapon of Choice commissions. You pick a character / person who has used a weapon in some way or another. For example it could be James Bond and his gun or even a football player who’s weapon would be the ball. The only stipulation is, if that character has already been chosen then its gone. Each character can only be selected once so it is unique to you and you alone.

Each print is 8″ x 10″ and comes with the ‘Weapon of Choice’ hand stamped seal on the reverse of the print, it is then signed and numbered.

Luke is offering two different styles, one including a full body shot, with the selected character holding their weapon and the original with the large character portrait and the weapon silhouette placed underneath.

The Variant costs £72 ($109 approx.) and the standard £45 ($68 approx.) , these prices include postage and packaging.

Choose your character and weapon quickly before someone else does! My pick would be Batman of course with his trusty Batarang!

Ordering Links:

Variant – http://lostmind.bigcartel.com/product/weapon-of-choice-full-body-variant

Standard – http://lostmind.bigcartel.com/product/weapon-of-choice

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Comic Book Artist Rafael Grampá Offers 10 Commissioned Art Pieces For Facebook Followers

On March 6, 2013 Rafael Grampá reached out to his Facebook followers with a very unique offer.

The Brazilian comic book artist decided to open his first commission list, allowing 10 lucky people to choose their favorite super hero/heroes for Grampá to render in his unique detailed style.

The result would be ten one of a kind drawings inked over pencils on 11×17 strathmore paper finished with Grampá’s distinctive “character head” signature.

The cost of the art piece was dependent on how many figures Rafael drew. A full body, single figure cost $1,000, two characters $1,800 and three characters $2,400.

Smart fans, savvy art collectors and shrewd investors immediately seized the rare opportunity to own an original piece by Grampá considering that the illustrator doesn’t sell any of his original work.

Within hours the ten spots on the list were full. Below are the commissioned drawings plus a couple of bonus pieces. Congratulations to the fortunate owners and hopefully time permitting Rafael will continue with more commissions!


Ironman, Captain America and Spiderman

Here is Rafael’s second commission – Batman emerges from the smoke, cape billowing, grappling gun in hand ready to take on an unseen assailant!  Apparently Rafael liked the rendering so much, he had a hard time parting with it. I love the details of the gloves, boots, gun and cape. The smoke provides an element of mystery and danger. Thank you Rafael, for doing such an amazing job. I will cherish this forever!

Yes, I am the lucky owner of commission # 2 and I feel like Charlie must have felt after he found the golden ticket in Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

Batman commission 1 - Rafael Grampá

Batman and the smoke


Batman versus Joker

Lobo Solitário - Rafael Grampá 2

Lone Wolf and Cub for Ivan Freitas Da Costa – Bonus Commission


The Dark Knight Returns

This Frank Miller inspired Dark Knight and Robin was commissioned by David Mandel, screenwriter of Sienfeld, Saturday Night Live and executive producer and director of Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Marv, Nancy and Gail from Frank Miller’s Sin City




Wolverine: Weapon X


Batman and Scarecrow




Batman & Batgirl

Here are some additional commissions from Rafael…


Batman V. Superman



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