Casa Brutale Cliffside Concept Home By OPA

Casa Brutale allows you to live on the edge! This visionary home would be perfect for a suave International spy, a super hero team or perhaps a cat stroking villain with hopes of world domination! This concept property by OPA sits inside a cliff and is defined by three concrete walls that form the mainContinue reading “Casa Brutale Cliffside Concept Home By OPA”

Volvo Cars Lounge Console

Labelled the Lounge Console, this new concept by Volvo Cars takes executive in-car luxury to a whole new level. By combining Scandinavian form and function, the Lounge Console transforms the XC90’s interior, providing a wealth of functions and amenities. Perfect for the people with a hectic life that need a moment of respite between meetings.

Please Make This Happen! Star Wars Pop-Tarts: Frosted Han Solo in Carbonite

Brian Altano of IGN  created this fun concept that hopefully will come to fruition: Han Solo “frosted” in Carbonite on a Pop-Tart. The idea began at the water cooler where a few employees were discussing marketing opportunities and popular franchise cash-ins they wish existed. Would you eat them? I would!  

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