Oreo Announces Collaboration With Ritz Crackers

When it comes to snacking, there are two major categories that people often have decide between, salty and sweet and oftentimes it’s a combination of those two flavor profiles that are what people crave. For years, many snack fans have been satisfying that craving by pairing two beloved favorites — Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies.Continue reading “Oreo Announces Collaboration With Ritz Crackers”

Nabisco Unveils Bacon Flavored Ritz Crackers

Nabisco has unveiled America’s ultimate new snack—Ritz Bacon flavored Crackers. On shelves now the bacon flavored crackers combine the classic taste of Ritz, black pepper seasoning and the savory flavor of bacon. “Ritz recognized America’s love for the taste of bacon and wanted to help take bacon flavor to places it’s never been before,” saidContinue reading “Nabisco Unveils Bacon Flavored Ritz Crackers”

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