Objectified, is the forthcoming documentary feature about industrial design by Gary Hustwit. It’s about the manufactured objects we surround ourselves with, and the people who make them. It’s about the world of creativity behind everything from toothbrushes to tech gadgets, featuring some of the world’s most influential industrial designers including Jonathan Ive (Apple, California), ChrisContinue reading “Objectified”

Richard Branson Unveils Space Tourism Craft Today

British tycoon Richard Branson unveiled a futuristic aircraft today that will ferry tourists to the edge of heaven as part of Virgin Galactic’s much-anticipated space program. The aircraft — WhiteKnightTwo — was rolled out for invited guests and media at an early morning ceremony in the Mojave desert, north of Los Angeles, at the headquartersContinue reading “Richard Branson Unveils Space Tourism Craft Today”

Hidden Mickeys

In 1992 it was announced by Disney that they were to begin reforesting parts of Florida in an effort to give something back to the area. The furthest they got was to plant Mickey’s Forest (above), a collection of 50,000 pine trees shaped in a way that should be familiar to the majority of peopleContinue reading “Hidden Mickeys”

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