Coca-Cola Sharing Can

For years, Coke has encouraged people to share happiness—and has given them lots of surprising ways to share a Coke. This time, they’ve taken the classic Coca-Cola 330ml can and designed it for two persons. Twist, turn and share—”yes”, the Coca-Cola can itself. Conceived by two French designers, the can that splits in half isContinue reading “Coca-Cola Sharing Can”

Life Is Precious Survival Kit

Wallpaper magazine asked the Contemporary Industrial Design Company Fort Standard to design a piece for their Handmade Exhibition in Milan during Salone Del Mobile, they set out to design a survival kit with the intention of creating something which looked and felt as precious as its contents. The design became largely about the packaging asContinue reading “Life Is Precious Survival Kit”

Saul Bass’s Film Titles Celebrated In Google Doodle

Google has marked the birthday of Saul Bass with one of the search engine’s most elaborate “doodles” yet – an animated sequence based on his designs for film title credits, film posters and corporate logos. Bass, who died in 1996, worked with film-makers including Alfred Hitchcock, Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese over theContinue reading “Saul Bass’s Film Titles Celebrated In Google Doodle”

The World’s Thinnest Coke Machine

Coca-Cola promotes Diet Coke as the perfect soft drink for those looking to keep a slim figure. And to further drive that point home, the soda company teamed up with Ogilvy & Mather Paris to create the Slender Vender—the world’s thinnest vending machine. Barely wider than a single can of Diet Coke, the machine canContinue reading “The World’s Thinnest Coke Machine”

Mysterious Mickey Mouse Short From Walt Disney Animation To Screen At Annecy Animation Festival On June 11

A hand-drawn, black-and-white Mickey Mouse animated short film will debut June 11 at the Annecy Animation Festival in Annecy, France, Walt Disney Animation Studios announced Tuesday. The vintage-feeling short, which is called “Get a Horse,” features the voice of Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse. The Burbank studio described the short as “never before seen,” butContinue reading “Mysterious Mickey Mouse Short From Walt Disney Animation To Screen At Annecy Animation Festival On June 11”

Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design To Be Published On October 8, 2013

Congratulations, you have decided to open this book, even though you have no idea what it’s about, and the cover is weird and seemingly at cross-purposes and possibly even pretentious. But you opened it anyway. And you know what? That was a design decision. Yes indeed, whether you realized it or not, pretty much mostContinue reading “Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design To Be Published On October 8, 2013”

Phillips DesignLine TV

Introducing the 2013 Philips DesignLine TV ($TBA), a television that is built into a frameless sheet of glass. Thanks to the unusual design, it can be leaned against a wall, stood up, or hung on the wall. Although simple to look at, the TV offers a bevy of features such as integrated Wi-Fi, a FullContinue reading “Phillips DesignLine TV”

The Amp Mug

The Amp Mug ($12) is a suitable warming companion for all musical preferences- from blues rock, to heavy metal, to hard core punk. Drink a mid-range traditional cup of tea, step it up a notch or two to a strong high frequency black coffee or sip a spiced green chai with some soft and subtle distortions.

The Movable Book of Letterforms By Kevin Steele

The Movable Book of Letterforms pop-up book by Graphic Designed and Book Artist Kevin Steele serves as a basic introduction to letterforms, their origins, and unique characteristics. The 22 page book measures 8.25″ x 2.25″ and was created in 2009. The interior was digitally printed on Mohawk Superfine 80lb paper. The cover is composed ofContinue reading “The Movable Book of Letterforms By Kevin Steele”

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