Mondo To Release 40th Anniversary John Williams’ E.T. Score On Vinyl

Mondo will release a special 40th-anniversary edition of John Williams’ iconic score for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial in a new vinyl edition. This new 40th Anniversary edition comes via a partnership with Geffen Records and Universal Pictures. It features all-new artwork by Dan McCarthy, showcasing E.T. arriving on Earth. It’s pressed on 180-gram vinyl in “FullContinue reading “Mondo To Release 40th Anniversary John Williams’ E.T. Score On Vinyl”

E.T. Returns In This Sweet Xfinity Commercial

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was one of the highest-grossing films ever made, but director Steven Spielberg always resisted making a followup to his 1982 film about an alien left behind on earth who befriends a young boy and attempts to “phone home.” However, E.T. and Elliott have finally reunited 37 years later—not for a sequel, butContinue reading “E.T. Returns In This Sweet Xfinity Commercial”

Funko Announces E.T. POP Vinyls

Funko is at is again, releasing another movies series POP vinyl set to the Funko POP collection. This time Funko will be releasing the 1982 cult classic film E.T. Funko pop vinyl series, featuring our favorite alien E.T along with his friend Elliott played by Henry Thomas, and his sister Gertie played by Drew Barrymore.Continue reading “Funko Announces E.T. POP Vinyls”

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