Fisher-Price Ted Lasso Little People Collector Figure Set

Fans of the heartwarming and critically acclaimed series Ted Lasso will love bringing home their favorite friends with this special edition Little People Collector figure set from Fisher-Price.  This must-have gift set features 6 Little People figures styled like characters from the show, including AFC Richmond Head Coach Ted Lasso, team owner Rebecca Welton, marketingContinue reading “Fisher-Price Ted Lasso Little People Collector Figure Set”

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone With Bluetooth

The iconic Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone pull toy has been made into a working Bluetooth-connected handset for grownups because your childhood is calling and now you can actually answer.  Introducing the special edition Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone — a phone smart enough not to come with any apps. Its intuitive bulky face design comes with a ‘super-advanced’Continue reading “Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone With Bluetooth”

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