Pirate Shark Desk

The Southern California company Cilek Kids Room offers some wonderfully imaginative furniture for worldwide purchase. Among these pieces is a really cleverly designed desk that pops out of the mouth a comically big-mouthed shark with rolling blue eyes and large illuminated teeth. Cilek Pirate Shark Desk ($700) is the perfect desk for adventurous pirates. ItContinue reading “Pirate Shark Desk”

Pottery Barn Announces Friends Collection

Pottery Barn is releasing a new collection of pieces inspired by the beloved sitcom Friends, including accessories, furniture and tabletop items. The infamous apothecary table from the episode “The One with the Apothecary Table” and other “Central Perk-worthy accents” will celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. Serena Famalette, a Pottery Barn representative, said that there willContinue reading “Pottery Barn Announces Friends Collection”

Kenneth Cobonpue & Disney’s Star Wars Furniture Collection Launches In The US

The collection consists of three armchairs, lamps and a foot stool, which were created with modern materials and technologies to emulate the universe of the franchise. The Imperial Tie Fighter Wings Armchair, which features handwoven polyethylene, is modeled after the symbol of the Galactic Empire’s fleet. The Vader Easy Armchair includes an open weave canopyContinue reading “Kenneth Cobonpue & Disney’s Star Wars Furniture Collection Launches In The US”

Pottery Barn Teen’s Star Wars Collection 

Pottery Barn Teen’s Star Wars Collection has arrived. With true-to-movie details and collection pieces, it’s made for the fan within you. Check out this new collection of bedding, furniture and accessories for super fans everywhere, featuring a classic cast of characters. Check out the collection HERE.

Ori Robotic Furniture

Whether you’re looking to use your space more creatively, or just get the most out of your studio apartment, Ori Robotic Furniture is a great solution. The name of the product gets its name from Japanese Origami and the tech comes out of the MIT Media Lab. Each unit has the ability to slide gracefullyContinue reading “Ori Robotic Furniture”

Rocket Coffee Table

Cypriot-based designer Stelios Mousarris conceived of this fun glass tabletop that blasts into the air aboard five wooden rockets. The designer was inspired by the nostalgia of his own childhood toy collection and he tried to embody the “retro” look with cartoon-like puffs of clouds at the base of each rocket. The table combines aContinue reading “Rocket Coffee Table”

The Woolsey Agent Desk

With plenty of storage, a lockable stow area, secret compartment and modular power, it’s no wonder that California-based designer Sean Woolsey decided to name his desk after Bond, James Bond. The Woolsey Agent Desk ($3,850) is made of American Black Walnut finished with a natural, food safe, hand rubbed oil and wax finish that sitsContinue reading “The Woolsey Agent Desk”

Inception-Inspired Coffee Table By Stelios Mousarris

Stelios Mousarris, a Cyprus-based designer created this Wave City Coffee Table that is inspired by the film Inception. There is a scene in the film where the city gets folded onto itself. Made with a combination of wood, steel and 3D printing technology this is one of the coolest coffee tables I have ever seen.

Automaton Table By Craig Thibodeau

Craig Thibodeau created the Automaton Table, an Art Deco style table with automated movement and a variety of secret drawers and hidden details. There is also a circular spinning puzzle hidden inside the top of the table. Inspired by the work of David Roentgen from the 18th century.

The Pottery Barn Millennium Falcon Bed

Pottery Barn is now selling this solid hard wood children’s bed styled after the iconic Star Wars spaceship, The Millennium Falcon for $3,999. The white bed features painted knobs and levers that mimic the cockpit of Han Solo’s spacecraft. The Pottery Barn bed is part of the upcoming deluge of Star Wars merchandise set toContinue reading “The Pottery Barn Millennium Falcon Bed”

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