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Jerrod Maruyama’s Cute Squared Art Show To Open On October 16 At Gallery 1988

Cute Squared is Jerrod Maruyama’s new art show opening online at Gallery 1988 on October 16 at 12PM (PST)

This very kawaii collection features his cute take on a few classic characters. The square shaped prints will measure 10” x 10” each with a small edition size.

They will be available online for $30 each.

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Anthony Petrie’s Charts 2 To Open At Gallery 1988 On September 3, 2016


Anthony Petrie’s Charts 2 will open at Gallery 1988 (West) on September 3, 2016 from 7-10 PM. The gallery show features fantastic maps and charts based on popular films and pop culture.


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Dave Perillo & Ian Glaubinger’s “What’s My Line” To Open At Gallery 1988 On April 1, 2016


On Friday April 1, 2016, Gallery 1988 (East) will host the opening reception of What’s My Line, a 2-person exhibit from G1988 favorites Dave Perillo & Ian Glaubinger. This show, made up of both prints and originals, will involve pieces inspired by the most quotable movies in history. Both artists will be in attendance, and the first opportunity to purchase from the exhibition will be during the opening reception. The following day, the work will be online at gallery1988.com.

Print  5

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30 Years Later, A Tribute To 1986 In Film To Open At Gallery 1988 On March 25, 2016


Tonight (March 25, 2016) Gallery 1988 (West) will open their newest group show, featuring almost 200 pieces! The exhibit, “30 Years Later,” will feature artwork tributing movies from 1986. Films like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Pretty in Pink, Stand By Me, Top Gun, Little Shop of Horrors, Labyrinth, Three Amigos and other classics will all be represented in paintings, prints and sculptures. Gallery 1988 favorites will adorn the walls, alongside some new names to the venue showing for the first time. The opening reception, running from 7-10 PM, will be your first opportunity to purchase artwork, but the pieces will be online Saturday afternoon at gallery1988.com. This show will be on display through April 9th.

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Nicole Gustafsson’s “The Once and Future Weird Kids” To Open At Galery 1988 On January 8, 2016


Join Galery 1988 this Friday Night, January 8, 2016 from 7-9 PM, for their first opening reception of 2016, as they debut the newest body of work from a G1988 favorite, Nicole Gustafsson, at our East location. Her show, entitled “The Once and Future Weird Kids,” will offer new paintings and prints, and patrons attending opening night will also get a free giveaway limited enamel pin, while supplies last. Nicole has created some of the most memorable pieces in the gallery’s history, including her unforgettable recent painting in the Art Awakens campaign for Star Wars. For her new pieces, she once again perfectly employs her pop culture influences into a subtle atmosphere, almost as a hidden Easter egg for those who notice. The work will first be available in-gallery Friday night, then online at gallery1988.com the following afternoon (PT). Nicole will be in attendance at the reception. This show will run until January 23rd.

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