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KFC Launches Game Console That Keeps Your Chicken Warm

The KFConsole is part of a partnership with hardware manufacturer Cooler Master, KFC said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The Bargain Bucket-shaped machine features the world’s first built in chicken chamber, which is kitted out to keep its contents hot, ready for consumption during intense gaming sessions,” KFC added.

Your chicken will be kept hot thanks to a custom-built cooling system that keeps the console hardware at a regular temperature while using heat produced by its components to warm the chicken chamber.

Other specs include an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element and two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD drives for storage, according to the Cooler Master website. The console can handle virtual reality games and offers smooth gameplay thanks to 240 frames per second frame rate and 4K display compatibility, according to details published by Cooler Master.

“This machine is capable of running games at top-level specs, all on top of keeping your meal warm for you to enjoy during your gaming experience… what’s not to like?,” said Mark Cheevers, PR & social media lead at KFC UK & Ireland, in the company’s press release. “If Sony or Microsoft want any tips on how to engineer a chicken chamber for their efforts next time, they’d be welcome to get in touch.”

No release date or price has been announced.

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LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

The LEGO Group today announced a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Building Kit for adults, letting grown-up fans create their own NES console with LEGO bricks.

The new kit, the latest product of the LEGO Group and Nintendo partnership, offers a brick-built NES model packed with realistic details, including the accompanying 1980’s style LEGO television set, so nostalgic gamers and LEGO fans can recreate their favorite Super Mario Bros. childhood experiences.

Today’s announcement will let adult fans take a trip down memory-lane by building a mechanically functional version of an all-time favorite console with LEGO bricks.

The new NES Building Kit will include a controller with a connecting cable and plug and even an opening slot for the Game Pack with a locking feature. The console also comes with a buildable retro TV, featuring a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen. Fans can scan an included action brick with LEGO Mario from the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course, so he reacts to on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups just as he would have in the iconic Super Mario Bros. game.

This highly collectible NES building set is part of a range of inspirational LEGO models designed for discerning hobbyists, as they look for their next immersive challenge. The LEGO NES will be available exclusively from LEGO Retail Stores and LEGO.com for $229.99 beginning August 1, 2020.

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Breaking Down The Online Casino Experience

Online casino gaming has become one of the most popular pastimes in recent years, as the growth of the internet and technology in general has made the experience of playing casino games online ever more immersive. There are a multitude of different games available to play online, and part of the appeal of casino games is that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes and interests.

If you’ve never tried your hand at online casino games like Blackjack, Roulette or Slots, then you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. If that’s you, then read on as we run through a few reasons why online casino games have become such a popular modern phenomenon. 

The thrill of the casino

Is Betfair the best online casino? Well, the main reason for its popularity is because the games perfectly encapsulate the unique appeal of playing casino classics in old-school brick-and-mortar establishments. Many people will have fond memories of time spent in casinos, be it in a hotspot like Las Vegas or somewhere closer to home. 

The thrill of playing games for real money has endured through generations, and now there are more ways to do that than ever before. Casino games offer an acute sense of randomness and unpredictability, with some games combining those quintessential traits with more strategic elements. 

Easy access 

Another reason why online casino games are so popular is because of how easy they are to play and enjoy. All you need is a laptop, smartphone or tablet and before long you can be enjoying the best online casino games the internet has to offer. Nowadays, a trip to a physical casino is not the only way you can enjoy the delights of casino gaming. 

The joy of playing these games in an online setting is that those classic nights at land-based casinos can be replicated in the online stratosphere, allowing those who may not have such easy access to brick-and-mortar casinos to join in the fun. This is perfect for those who perhaps live in remote areas, where it would take a long journey to find a brick-and-mortar establishment.

The nature of physical casinos can perhaps put some people off, and the advent of online play has meant that those who may be nervous about visiting a brick-and-mortar casino need not miss out. With so many games available at the touch of a few buttons, everyone can get a piece of the action. 

Different ways to play

The versatility of online casino games is another reason for their success. It may be that you want to dedicate an entire evening to spinning the reels on the slot machines, or playing a few hands of Blackjack, and that’s a great way to enjoy online casino games.

On the other hand, some people may be more pressed for time, but the joy of internet-based games is that they can be enjoyed even if you only have a spare 15 minutes. There’s no need to set aside an entire evening like you would if you were heading out to a brick-and-mortar establishment. 

Another option with online games is the ability to play games on-the-go – perfect for the busy modern professional. A busy commute to work can become the perfect opportunity to spin the Roulette wheel and revel in the joy of playing the best casino games online in a variety of settings.

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Sony Vs. Microsoft – How Is The Next Generation of Consoles Shaping Up?

The next generation of video gaming is on the horizon, and getting closer to us each and every day. If all goes to plan (issues surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic permitting), we should be playing with these new consoles and systems by the end of 2020, and questions are arising among those trying to decide which platform to go with, from which system has the best technical specs, to which company has the best game studio making games exclusively for their platform.

Eager to find out more about how the next generation of consoles is shaping up? Here are some more details on the Sony PlayStation 5, and the Microsoft Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X

Getting out ahead of the competition, Microsoft has already revealed the design of their flagship new console, the Xbox Series X, and it somewhat bears a resemblance to some tower PC setups, albeit a little sleeker and tidier than normal. Standing tall in an upright position, the console is the most powerful that the company has ever produced, with 12 teraflops , true 4K resolution (and 8K support), up to 120 FPS, and a 1TB custom solid state drive. If none of those fancy tech words mean anything to you, then it means that it will play games fast, and it will play them well.

PlayStation 5

Slated for a release around November/December this year, in preparation for the holiday season (which of course is one of the most important times sales-wise for games consoles looking to build up their install base of players gaming within their ecosystem), the PlayStation 5 looks to continue the market dominance that the PS4 had. At this moment in time we haven’t seen the actual look of the console itself, but we do know some interesting tidbits on the way that the system will use its hardware, such as upgraded SSD storage that will be able to load stored files much faster than last gen tech. 

One exciting factor turning heads recently was the reveal of the new ‘DualSense’ controller, which will overtake the DualShock 4 as the PlayStation’s way to play. In addition to sporting a new, cool white design, with an altered, rounder shape than ever before, there are also benefits such as a built-in microphone and even haptic feedback.

How will the Coronavirus affect the release of the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles?

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses and companies on a global scale in a way that we haven’t ever seen before, it would be safe to assume that the production of these video game consoles in preparation for the fall might be in the firing line. In an interview with Ryan McCaffrey on IGN’s Xbox podcast Podcast Unlocked, head of Xbox Phil Spencer discussed candidly his and the Xbox team’s experience working remotely and from home in light of the pandemic situation going on at the moment, and also stated that there are no plans to delay the launch date that they have planned currently (which they have yet to reveal).

When questioned about a possible staggered release of the new console in different markets worldwide in order to manage a production demand in terms of manufacturing, Spencer also made it clear that they were planning to release in all territories worldwide at the same time where possible, citing the delayed release of the Xbox One in Japan and how that hurt him (and likely the Xbox) at the time. On the PlayStation front, things are a little quieter, but it would be reasonable to assume the same sorts of plans are in place as Xbox.

Which console should I go with?

While these two different systems seem to be offering a wide range of new features over their Xbox One and PS4 counterparts, and diverting from each other in some unique ways, the two games consoles will likely be similar in terms of specification, playing the same games, too. That’s aside from all the platform exclusives, such as Halo or God of War, of course. 

In terms of which one you should go with, that really comes down to a matter of personal preference, and unless the opposition has a feature that really grabs you and makes you decide to make the transition, you might lean towards the camp of the console you’ve had in the past. Not only is this due to comfort and familiarity with the console despite its newness, but also legacy features such as backwards compatibility with your previous games/peripherals, and also the carrying over of your achievements/trophies and friends lists.

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Xbox Series X Gaming Console

The Xbox Series X (Price TBD) is Microsoft’s next-generation flagship console that is slated to be released this holiday season.

Its custom AMD Zen 2 CPU will have eight cores clocked at 3.8GHz each, paired with a custom Radeon RNDA 2 GPU with 52 compute units running at 1.825GHz. The result is 12 teraflops of processing power, enough for 60fps in 4K, 8K support, and frame rates up to 120 fps. 16GB of RAM and a custom 1TB NVME SSD give it dramatically faster load times and the ability to resume games instantly. A dedicated port on the rear of the console will support storage expansion cards.

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Three Card Blackjack: A Combination of Blackjack And Three-Card Poker

If you have been around the online gambling scene for a while now there is a good chance that you have recognized that casinos are changing things up. Not only are they doing this to keep things exciting, but they are doing this to draw new customers is while keeping old ones coming back. In fact, this is one of the greatest things about gambling online. You will have access to so many more variations of games. Playing poker in a land-based casino might mean that you only have access to Texas Hold’Em or five-card stud.

This won’t be the case at all when gambling online. All that being said, one of the newest games that are turning the industry upside down is three-card blackjack. If you want to take advantage of the game and everything that it has to offer, you need to know how to play and what playing the game entails. That is exactly what you are going to learn below.

The Rules of The Game

The first thing that you need to know about this game is that it is played only using one single deck of 52 playing cards. Players will make their initial ante and then the dealer will proceed by handing out three cards to each player as well as three to himself. Once the cards are dealt the players and the dealer will try to make their best blackjack hand by utilizing any of the three cards. The real major difference here is that the players will not have the option of splitting or hitting. The cards that you receive are the only ones that you will be playing with, so you better hope that you get a good hand right off. The idea behind this is that it takes the game of blackjack and makes it more random or luck-based.

How You Can Win

It doesn’t matter if you are playing blackjack or three-card blackjack at sbobet, the objective is going to be the same. And, that objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. That being said, once the player deals all the cards, he or she will have the option of upping the ante. You cannot split or hit, but you can up the ante if your cards look enticing enough. Keep in mind that if your hand does not look enticing enough, you will have the option of folding at any point. When you do this the game will be over and everyone will reveal their hands.

Payouts And Potential Outcomes

After all, the cards are dealt and the bets are in place the dealer will have to qualify before the game continues. What does this mean? This means that the dealer must have a total of 18 or more. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet pays out an even amount of money at 1 to 1 and the bet is then pushed. If at any point the player hits 21, the game will be over and the player will be granted the win.

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Why You Need To Experience The Thrill of Slotris

There is no denying that there are tons of casinos available today. There is also no denying that each of these specific casinos likes to tailor-make their selection for a certain clientele. It is true that most casinos will offer a variety of sports betting, horse racing, and table games. However, there is usually one area where they claim to be better than the rest. For instance, some casinos might claim that they specialize in slots, whereas claim that they specialize in classic table games. Whatever the situation is, there is no denying that there are tons of exciting games to choose from. However, if you haven’t delved into the world of slotris yet, you are truly missing out.

What Exactly Is Slotris?

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering what in the heck slotris is. That’s okay because there is plenty of time and will still be plenty of time to experience this amazing game. Just because you haven’t taken advantage yet doesn’t mean that there isn’t time. There is and you have come to the exact right place. All that aside, before you begin your long journey into the world of slotris, you need to understand everything about it. The first thing that you really need to know is that slotris is nothing more than a single-player slot machine. The unique thing about the game is that it provides the player with two chances at winning. All you have to do is either line up three symbols of the same color and shape or you can choose to make a horizontal match line in the field.

What’s even more impressive is that you get to control the falling of the symbols. You do this by simply just clicking the radio buttons located at the bottom of the screen.

Playing Slotris

Just because you now know what slotris is it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to be an overnight success. Heck, you would jump right into your first poker online tournament and expect to bring home the trophy, would you? Probably not, but that’s okay because you can once you master the game. Before you start your spin, you will have the option of placing a bet. The bet can consist either of .50, $1, $2, $3, or $5 per spin. There are really two main play areas that players should be concerned with. This would be the play area where the symbols are generated and the play area where you can actually manipulate the falling of the slotris. All you have to do is simply line up three slotris in a horizontal line. Sounds easy enough right?

Exciting And Lucrative With Little Learn Curve

All that aside, there really are a number of reasons that one would want to jump right into Slotris. Of course, the first being that it is an extremely lucrative game. You learned that you can only place small incremental bets, but there are times when you can bet up to 30 times in a single pay line. In addition to this, you get to control the outcome of the game. Remember it is you that is choosing where and how the slotris are falling.

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Technology And The Internet Drive Modern Gaming

The entertainment business has accompanied humanity for a long time, and in many forms too. Perhaps since the moment people were able to fulfill their basic needs and started thinking about their free time and what more there is to life. A variety of amusing games, especially in modern times, surely is a crucial part of it all. 

Interesting games have been faithful servants for bored individuals on numerous occasions in history. The most unsophisticated ones involved simple solutions and ordinary materials: rocks, wooden pawns, then cards and basic boards. But they were enjoyed all the same. Unsurprisingly, the development of technology changed the big picture in a spectacular way. Above all with the introduction of video and computer games, and then by the invention of the world wide web. 

The gaming industry, being particularly susceptive to new technological concepts and driven by the fresh approach, is changing a great deal. Even before our very eyes. It is also an ever-growing business generating colossal revenues, which incites companies and developers to do everything they can to take a leading position above the competition. Lucky for the gamers out there, everybody should be able to find what they like. 

While playing the game on its own is a great way for many of us to relax and kill a few hours, you can always take it to the next level. Provided you are good enough, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make some extra cash on your hobby. The opportunities to face some serious opposition and compete for real money are here. Various e-sport competitions gather many talented players to prestigious tournaments and millions of viewers online. Cash prize pools increase according to the level of interest as well. 

A different, but equally exciting, concept of making a profit and having fun at the same time lies in the form of playing cards, poker especially. The online poker community is strong and significant, so there is no shortage of quality places to go to and check out the game and its various types. The most commonly recognized has to be Texas Hold’em; it gives plenty of room to shine for professionals and amateurs alike. Potential earnings on the biggest live events are also encouraging, to say the least. 

The most appreciated gaming positions are surely the ones that can engage crowds and give the possibility for a quality and healthy rivalry among the players. No wonder that online games are always in fashion, and all the new titles aiming for commercial success have to consider a multiplayer feature. Some genres are more popular than others; there are different trends floating around, making an impact on the community from time to time. Just like the big craze for battle royale type games, which are a mix of exploration and survival mode, represented by Fortnite and Apex Legends. One thing is for sure, the new ideas and ground-breaking solutions will keep on coming alongside the increasing technological progress, as well as players’ thirst for more. 

Just like the gaming industry is a big part of the whole entertainment business, the internet and technology are crucial for games. This relationship will likely grow in the future. We, as dedicated gamers, can only expect exciting things to come out as a result.

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Apple Arcade Arriving On September 19

Apple today announced Apple Arcade will arrive on September 19 and cost $4.99 per month after a free one-month trial.

The new game subscription service will feature over 100 new and exclusive games, including original releases from renowned creators Hironobu Sakaguchi, Ken Wong, Will Wright and dozens more. 

Apple Arcade games will redefine games and be curated based on originality, quality, creativity, fun and their appeal to players of all ages. Apple Arcade will give customers the freedom to try any game from its handpicked collection of titles that are all-you-can-play, have no ads, ad tracking or additional purchases, and respect user privacy. 

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Latest Offers That Mobile Bingo Players Can Enjoy

Are you a fan of mobile bingo games? Well, there is a lot in store for you this year. Developers and managers of these online mobile games are interested in luring as many people as possible to the use of these games. Arguably, most people in the world have a mobile phone, and they can access the internet. The best way to attract as many people as possible to mobile bingo games is by giving them different offers that they will enjoy. This informative article will highlight all the latest offers available for mobile bingo players. Read onto learn more.

Promo Codes and Coupons

Bingo websites do not wait for you to visit them to learn that they are offering coupons and promo codes. They have placed numerous ads on different platforms where they think that you could be visiting. These offers are known to lure many people into creating accounts with these bingo websites. The coupon or promo code will help you to buy some bingo cards when you start playing. However, they have a validity period, and they must be used within a certain time.

Sign-Up Bonuses

The bonus may come in many ways just as with online games that are played on a PC. But the common bonus is free games to play or getting a discount on bingo cards for a specific period of time. Be sure to check the sign-up bonus well before committing yourself to some websites. Also, check their reputation to make sure that they are legit in what they offer.


These are popular with mobile bingo games today. Once you sign up, you are given an opportunity to participate in a jackpot. Although they are tempting, this should not be the sole reason for you to join. The experts from Cheers Bingo advise that you should have other reasons because winning the jackpot is a game that is based on luck. However, many beginners have won these jackpots according to reports. Be sure to also research more about the website’s terms and conditions before you commit yourself to the website.

Subscription Discounts

Many mobile bingo websites offer discounts to their new customers. You might be asked to pay half price to join the website. Some of the websites spread this offer to their already enrolled customers who would like to play using their mobile phones. Those mobile bingo websites that want to enroll as many players as possible usually use this offer and many others that we have discussed below. If they have called it a discount, you still need to check if it is worth trying.

Loyalty Points

Earning points is a great offer for many mobile players. That is why this offer has become popular. You can then redeem your points to buy more bingo cards at any time. Just like all the other offers, you must check to understand the terms and conditions that are offered here. Be sure that the benefits you are getting are worth enrolling.

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