Gillette Launches New Gillettelabs With Exfoliating Bar Razor

Gillette introduced its newest product, GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar. With an exfoliating bar built into the handle, this new razor removes dirt and debris from the skin before the blades pass, ensuring the skin is primed for a great shave, that’s as quick and easy as washing your face. “Most men see shaving as aContinue reading “Gillette Launches New Gillettelabs With Exfoliating Bar Razor”

Gillette Collaborating With Stark Industries

In what may be the most perfect union of superpowers, Gillette and Stark Industries have joined together with one goal in mind: create one of the best razors in the world. In fact, Gillette has allowed Stark Industries to take over its R&D department at World Shaving Headquarters to deliver an epic shave using Avengers-inspiredContinue reading “Gillette Collaborating With Stark Industries”