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Meet Shin-Cookiezilla – A Godzilla / Cookie Monster Mashup Sculpture

Shin-Cookiezilla is a wild kaiju born from sculptor Gabriel Marquez’ wildly talented imagination and sculpting abilities. Part radioactive lizard, part classic childhood puppet, Shin-Cookiezilla is all fun. And destruction. 

Gabriel’s Shin-Cookiezilla figure will be available from Bottleneck Gallery on Thursday, October 22 at 12PM ET HERE.

Shin-Cookiezilla by Gabriel Marquez
Hand-painted resin figure
11.25 inches tall
Limited edition of 400

Shin-Cookiezilla – Variant by Gabriel Marquez
Hand-painted resin figure
11.25 inches tall
Limited edition of 100

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Monopoly Godzilla

Demolish the competition in a city-terrorizing twist on the classic board game with Monopoly Godzilla. Begin the invasion by buying, selling and trading locations like Monster Island, Goro’s Workshop, and Kitakami Lake and take over the board with Facilities and Bases.

Custom sculpted tokens of giants such as Mothra, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla easily impose on anything in their path!

Order HERE for $40.

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Ebirah, Horror of The Deep Print By Attack Peter

Peter Santa-Maria (Attack Peter) is a printmaker who focuses on hand-carved linocut prints on Lokta paper (handmade paper imported from Nepal) that he prints himself – and the results are awesome! 

I posted about him HERE.

The artist’s second poster for Mondo is entitled Ebirah, Horror of The Deep. Also known as Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster, this film sees Godzilla ally with Mothra to take on Ebirah, a giant crustacean kaiju. Peter yet again delivers an awesome illustration of the ensuing battle between the three monsters.

The poster will go on sale Thursday, March 26 at 11am (CT) via THE DROP.

Ebirah, Horror of The Deep
By Attack Peter
20″ x 30″ Linocut Print on Lokta Paper
Edition of 120
Signed and Numbered by Attack Peter
Printed by Attack Peter
Expected to Ship in June 2020

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Mojira By Ralph Cosentino

Available today from Raph Cosentino, a new print based on a series of paintings he did for a show in Japan curated by Mark Nagata back in 2010-2011 where the artist mashed up Disney characters with Japanese monsters; Mickey Mouse + Gojira ( Gojira is the Japanese pronunciation of Godzilla ) = Mojira.

With this print Cosentino wanted to create a parody of the classic “pie-eyed Mickey” stock cartoon posters from the thirties.

The print will be available HERE.


Giclee print
Measures 17″ x 22″
Signed and numbered. Limited edition of 75
Printed on 56 lb matte archival paper with archival pigment inks


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Dark Hall Mansion To Release Godzilla Print By Laurent Durieux On August 28, 2015

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Warner Bros Entertainment, will release a print based on one of the most influential and classic of all Sci-Fi films, Godzilla.

First appearing in 1954, Godzilla’s impact and influence on worldwide culture is both inescapable and undeniable! The artist chosen for this Seminal Film Series project is Laurent Durieux and the poster will be released this Friday, August 28, 2015.

The essence of DHM’s Seminal Film Series is to showcase an artist’s work in print in a manner that is visually striking, compelling, and hopefully at times, provocative. Dark Hall Mansion feels Laurent has done just that with his Godzilla. His pieces do not just entertain but provoke thought and consideration. His Standard edition’s color palette evocatively underscores his visual’s powerful thematics while his Variant edition has a darker intensity harkening to the film’s black and white origins, its visuals strikingly offset with only Godzilla’s name rendered via kanji.

You can read a great interview with the artist about this project on blurppy.com HERE.


Godzilla Standard Print By Laurent Durieux
24″ X 36″
Edition of 350 $65
Godzilla Select Foil Edition of 20 (based on STD artwork) $150


Godzilla Variant Print By Laurent Durieux
24″ X 36″
Edition of 125  $100
Godzilla Select Foil Edition of 20 (based on Variant artwork) $150
Godzilla Select Giclee Printed on Canvas Edition of 15 (based on Variant artwork) $275


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MONDO To Release Godzilla Print By Jared Muralt On August 20, 2015

Tomorrow MONDO will release two Godzilla posters by Jared Muralt. Please follow MONDO on Twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, August 20th.


Godzilla by Jared Muralt. 24″x18″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300. $40


Godzilla (Variant) by Jared Muralt. 24″x18″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150. $60

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Check Out MONDO’s Godzilla Statue


Based on Mondo’s teaser poster for Gareth Edward’s Godzilla, MONDO has taken the stunning Phantom City Creative art and brought it into the third dimension. The Godzilla statue captures the destructive and ominous King of the Monsters in painstaking sculpted detail. Red paint details on both the base and underside of the beast harken back to the background color of the original poster art, while also hinting at an immolating city below.

The Godzilla sculpture will be display at MONDO’s booth (#835) during San Diego Comic Con International 2015. Please note that the statue is a prototype and that some elements may change in the final product.


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MONDO To Release Godzilla Print By Randy Ortiz On February 26, 2015



Tomorrow MONDO will be release Godzilla prints by Randy Ortiz, a print featuring the menacing beast brought to life in the 2014 film. Both regular & variant versions include vibrant, gold metallic titles. You can check out detail shots of the prints on the MONDO blog!

Please follow MONDO on Twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

 Godzilla (regular print) by Randy Ortiz. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275. $45


Godzilla (variant print) by Randy Ortiz. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 150. $65

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Legendary Reveals New Godzilla 2014 WonderCon Poster

This Saturday, April 19, 2014 Legendary and Warner Brothers will be showcasing their Godzilla presentation at WonderCon and if you attend the 11:00 am event, you’ll find yourself walking home with one of these WonderCon exclusive Godzilla posters (below)!

Not only that, but prior to the presentation, at approximately 10:30am, director Gareth Edwards will be signing copies of the poster to any of the lucky fans who stop by!

For more information, be sure to check out the WonderCon page on Comic-Con’s website!


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The Poster Posse Tackles Godzilla

Don Thompson at blurppy.com just announced the latest Poster Posse project and it’s a monster…Presenting fan art for the upcoming Gareth Edwards remake of Godzilla.

This is the 7th offering from the famed Poster Posse and Don has a lot more up his sleeve for 2014! Check out phase one HERE and phase two HERE.. Godzilla roars into theaters on May 16, 2014.


Chris Garofalo


Paul Shipper


Berkay Daglar


Matt Ferguson


Peter Gutierrez



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