Roadie 3 Automatic Instrument Tuner

The latest edition of the Roadie automatic tuner is twice as fast as the Roadie 2.  The small handheld device can tune almost any stringed instrument with geared pegs in a couple of seconds, and can quickly wind new strings to the proper tension before tuning. It also supports alternative tunings, and doubles as aContinue reading “Roadie 3 Automatic Instrument Tuner”

Introducing The Fender Mod Shop

Whether you play professionally or just jam out in your garage, there’s nothing like having a customized guitar. Fender Mod Shop Guitars give you chance to do exactly that. Using a slick web-based interface, this new service lets you order a Telecaster, Stratocaster, Precision Bass, or Jazz Bass that’s perfectly matched to your style andContinue reading “Introducing The Fender Mod Shop”

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