Wild Divine Review

Are you stressed out or feel that there is not enough time in the day to get all of your must do’s completed? If you can relate to this, you’ll be happy to know that you are not alone. The complexity of our lives and the roles that we play can be demanding to sayContinue reading “Wild Divine Review”

Nike Introduces New FuelBand Wristband

This week Nike announced a new wristband called the FuelBand ($149), a device that measures time, steps and calories during your fitness routine. Inside the wristband is a battery good for four-days of activity, plus a built in USB connection as well as Bluetooth for wirelessly syncing with an iPhone. On the outside, 20 color-codedContinue reading “Nike Introduces New FuelBand Wristband”

The 20 Unhealthiest Cereals

A bowl of Cap’n Crunch isn’t as bad as a sodium-packed slice of pepperoni pizza but there’s still lots of sugar—up to 50% for some brands—in every bite of many popular breakfast cereals. To find the 20 unhealthiest cereals on your grocer’s shelf, The Daily Beast used data from Good Guide and limited their listContinue reading “The 20 Unhealthiest Cereals”

The Cheesecake Factory Debuts New SkinnyLicious Menu With Low Calorie Dining Options

Famous for their expansive menu which offers something for everyone, The Cheesecake Factory has just expanded their offerings with a new low calorie menu aptly named “SkinnyLicious.” Redefining low calorie flavor, the new SkinnyLicious menu provides guests with even more choices with signature rich taste. “We are very happy to introduce our new SkinnyLicious menuContinue reading “The Cheesecake Factory Debuts New SkinnyLicious Menu With Low Calorie Dining Options”

Jawbone UP – The App-Powered Wristband That Encourages Wellness

Jawbone, a leading innovator of products and services for the mobile lifestyle, today unveiled its vision to inspire people to live healthier with UP by Jawbone– a new product the company plans to launch later this year. Lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer cause more deaths than communicable diseases,Continue reading “Jawbone UP – The App-Powered Wristband That Encourages Wellness”

10 Fattiest Meals At Chain Restaurants

Menus at chain restaurants are filled with meals possessing enough calories and fat to surpass or come alarmingly close to the daily intake recommended (about 2,000 calories) by the USDA’s official Dietary Guidelines. The Daily Meal has uncovered ten of the most fattening dishes. You can see the list HERE.

Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier Review

The AIR-O-SWISS Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier ($49.99) is a must have for your next hotel stay, your office or for use by your bedside at home.  Simply add your own half-liter bottle of water, and plug the unit in anywhere and within seconds you’ll be enjoying a micro-fine cool mist that evaporates into the air. TheContinue reading “Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier Review”

Comic Strip Bandages

When your little superhero gets a scrape, make it all better with Comic Strip Bandages ($6). These latex-free bandages are imprinted with cool “sound effects” from your favorite comic strips (OUCH! OOOW! AAARGH! WHAAM! BAM! or POW!) and arrive in a fun collectible tin. With 24 assorted sizes you’re ready for any “owie” – evenContinue reading “Comic Strip Bandages”

6 Fast-Food Abominations

See the worst fast-food abominations (including a shocking new sandwich from Friendly’s) HERE. Friendly’s newest sandwich creation, released early this month, is a burger and grilled cheese in one. At 1,500 calories, the Grilled Cheese BurgerMelt features the best of all worlds — a burger in between two grilled cheese sandwiches. With 1,500 calories andContinue reading “6 Fast-Food Abominations”

Burgerville Offers Personalized Calorie Counts on Receipts, You Want Thighs With That?

Burgerville, a fast food chain in the Pacific Northwest that highlights local, seasonal food, will provide custom nutritional information on receipts. The receipt system is being rolled out to all 39 Burgerville locations this week. “It started first with guests interested in customizing our food. For those who have allergies or are health- conscious, howContinue reading “Burgerville Offers Personalized Calorie Counts on Receipts, You Want Thighs With That?”

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