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Can You Spot All of The Easter Eggs In This Gremlins Print?

There are 84 easter eggs laced into this beautiful piece by Kevin M. Wilson / Ape Meets Girl, how many can you find? The key is below if you get stuck.

You can purchase the Old Curiosity Shop print from Hero Complex Gallery HERE.

– Inspired by Gremlins
– 36” x 24” Screen Print
– Limited Edition of 400
– $60

Click on images to enlarge

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Blacklight Art Show Opening At Hero Complex Gallery On May 19, 2017

Blacklight is coming to Hero Complex Gallery featuring new fluorescent artwork. The show will open on Friday, May 19th, from 7-10PM.

The gallery will feature blacklight-reactive artwork, including fluorescent and Glow-In-the-Dark pieces.

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D
Los Angeles, CA 30034

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Hero Complex Gallery To Release La La Land Prints By Stan & Vince And Patrick Connan On April 25, 2017

To celebrate Lionsgate’s Blu-ray release of La La Land, Hero Complex Gallery will release prints by Stan & Vince and Patrick Connan on April 25, 2017 at 10 AM (Pacific).

Title: ‘Here’s to the Fools Who Dream…’ Regular (Pink Sky)
Artists: Stan & Vince
Size: 36″x24″
Medium: 10 Color Screen Print
Edition Size: 325
Price: $60

Title: ‘Here’s to the Fools Who Dream…’ Variant (Starry Sky)
Artists: Stan & Vince
Size: 36″x24″
Medium: 10 Color Screen Print
Edition Size: 250
Price: $65

Title: ‘City of Stars’
Artist: Patrick Connan
Size: 36″x24″
Medium: 8 Color Screen Print
Edition Size: 325
Price: $60

Ordering info is as follows:

Collection:  https://hcgart.com/collections/la-la-land

Patrick Connan:  https://hcgart.com/products/city-of-stars-by-patrick-connan

Stan & Vince Regular:  https://hcgart.com/products/heres-to-the-fools-who-dream-by-stan-vince

Stan & Vince Variant:  https://hcgart.com/products/heres-to-the-fools-who-dream-variant-by-stan-vince

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Batman Begins Prints By Kevin Wilson

Last night Hero Complex Gallery held a screening of Batman Begins.

Here is ‘The Blue Flower’ regular print and the ‘League of Shadows’ variant print by Kevin Wilson AKA Ape Meets Girl. Online sales will drop on HCG’s site in the next few days.

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66 Batmobile By Craig Drake


Check out all of Craig Drake’s new art HERE from his latest show at Hero Complex Gallery. I picked up this snazzy 66 Batmobile print. Lots of great choices!

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Craig Drake Solo Show III Opening At Hero Complex Gallery On September 10, 2016


Craig Drake’s Solo Show III will open at Hero Complex Gallery on Saturday September 10, 2016.

Expect a unique and special experience on this one…this will be different than any other show you’ve seen so please RSVP ahead with the names of all guests who are planning to attend:


After you’ve emailed Hero Complex Gallery will confirm your attendance and send you special instructions for the show!

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Jordan Monsell’s Cut It Out: Two To Open At Hero Complex Gallery On June 24, 2016


Please join Hero Complex Gallery in welcoming artist, Jordan Monsell, back for his second silhouette solo show, where he will be displaying 350+ renditions of today’s favorite pop culture characters! There will be a little bit of everything in this show with characters from comics, animation, video games, horror, cult movies and lots more!

The opening reception is on June 24th from 7-10pm, see you there!

To add to the excitement of the show there are a number of contests HCG is running for the exhibit. HCG is pulling out all the stops this year! Check out all the prizes you can win:

FB event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1766495613594321/?ti=icl


Correctly guess all the teaser images located in the Facebook event page! 

HCG will be posting teasers periodically between now and Mon. June 20th. You will have until midnight on Thurs. June 23rd to submit your answers to event moderator, Josh Garrell via PM. He’ll announce the winner on this event page before the show opens on June 24th!

Correctly guess all the unnamed silhouettes at the show! 

This one is for the locals! Like last year, there will be 10-20 unnamed silhouettes on opening night. Figure them all out for chance at this prize! If more than one person completes the entire answer sheet correctly, HCG will randomly draw a winner. The winner will be announced by closing night of the show.

Make a suggestion! 

This one is great and super easy! Just comment with a silhouette idea on the pinned post in the event page. Only suggestions for single characters will be counted. Entries for this contest will close at midnight on Mon. June

Batman Joker Nightwing

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Hero Complex Gallery & Disney Fine Art Present Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass Art Showcase Opening On May 27, 2016


Disney’s next film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, opens in two short weeks and in partnership with the movie, Hero Complex Gallery is pleased to announce their newest collaboration with Disney Fine Art by Collectors Editions and their next exhibition, Alice Through the Looking Glass Art Showcase presented by Hero Complex Gallery and Disney Fine Art by Collectors Editions.

The event will feature 50+ female artists who have created all new original works inspired by the creativity and originality of all things Alice, including works inspired by both the new film, as well as the beloved classic book series by Lewis Carroll.

In addition to the Art Showcase, Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls have launched an Instagram contest #InspiredByAliceContest allowing fans to submit their original artwork for a chance to also be displayed at the gallery event. 5 of the most creative, original and movie-inspired submissions will be chosen.

The gallery show will take place on May 20th, from 7-10pm in Los Angeles, just one week before the film opens on May 27th.

What: Disney Alice Through The Looking Glass Art Showcase
When: FRIDAY, May 20th, 7-10 PM
Where: Hero Complex Gallery 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D Los Angeles, CA 
Cost: FREE!

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Batman Past/Present By Khoa Ho

This Batman Past/Present print by Khoa Ho was created for the Cardistry Art Show at Hero Complex Gallery and can be purchased HERE. The screen print is a limited edition of 50 and costs $50.


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Hero Complex Gallery Announces Cardistry Art Exhibition Opening On May 6, 2016


More than a year in the making, Hero Complex Gallery is pleased to announce their next show, Cardistry: 55 Artistic Interpretations of Playing Cards, which opens Friday, May 6th, from 7-10PM.

What is the show about?

HCG created a custom premium art card deck of 52 full-color original artwork cards, plus 2 Jokers and card back by today’s top artists!

What is the theme?

A wonderful mix of pop and non-pop artwork…the gallery asked the artists to run wild with their inspirations!

What will be on display?

– Original full-size artwork, both prints and original artwork,most with and without card numbers and indices, so you can enjoy them whichever way you prefer.

– One full custom premium ‘Cardistry’ deck of 52 full-color cards, plus 2 Jokers, and face card designed by Tyler Hays.

– Uncut sheets of the entire deck together

– Custom Premium Companion Book


Anything else?

Yes…Hero Complex Gallery will also be holding their first annual Texas Hold Em Charity Tournament on Saturday May 7th. Please email the gallery for additional details or to join the tournament.

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D
Los Angeles, CA

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