Amazon Key In-Home Kit 

In a move aimed at protecting packages from would-be thieves, Amazon is rolling out a security camera/smart lock bundle that would allow deliveries to be left inside the home. The $250 bundle includes an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock and Key Edition Amazon Cloud Cam that would allow Amazon Prime members the ability to watch aContinue reading “Amazon Key In-Home Kit “

Angee, The First Truly Autonomous Home Security For Everyone

Angee automatically arms and disarms when you leave/return. It is designed to provide users with a completely autonomous home security system. That is capable of connecting to companion applications created for both Android and iOS devices. Angee gives you a full 360° view of your home — with voice recognition, at-the-door identification, motion-detecting rotation, advancedContinue reading “Angee, The First Truly Autonomous Home Security For Everyone”

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