Knob Creek Metal Arts Imaginative Bookends

Kentucky-based Knob Creek Metal Arts produces a line of wonderfully imaginative bookends. Each costs $40.

Hand Shadow Puppet Chart

The Hand Shadow Puppet Chart ($140) is a throwback homage to the old magic show and children’s fun-and-games.  Measuring 37.5 x 31, the Giclée is printed on sturdy canvas and hung with banged-up wooden rods on the top and bottom, giving them the old school-room finish. The wood is hand-stained, treated and painted with great attentionContinue reading “Hand Shadow Puppet Chart”

The Marshall Fridge

Marshall just got a whole lot cooler! Introducing the brand new Marshall Fridge ($300). Perfect for your man-cave, your friends might mistake this actual working fridge for a Marshall half-stack. It’s got authentic Marshall facing, 4.4cu ft. of space and control knobs that actually go to 11. Product ship date will be October 01, 2012.

Secret Passageway Switch

Nearly as important as selecting the right room in which to put your secret passageway is selecting the method by which you’ll access it. This Secret Passageway Switch ($50) is a fine choice, using one of your own books as the activator. Of course, you can also use it for more mundane purposes — likeContinue reading “Secret Passageway Switch”

Labyrinth Aquarium

The Labyrinth Aquarium ($5,500-$6,500) is a gorgeous six globe aquarium made from lucite that is designed for tropical fish. This aquatic maze includes silk plants, three lights, filters, air pumps, and cleaning equipment, as well as an optional dedicated table in cherry, black, or carbon fiber.

A Tour of A 90 Square Foot Apartment In Manhattan’s Upper West Side

By choosing a studio that measures just 12 feet by 7 feet, Felice Cohen can afford to live in Manhattan’s Upper West Side where apartments rent for an average of $3,600 per month. She pays just over $700 for her 90-square-foot microstudio. After a bit of adjustment she now loves living smaller, simpler and cozier.

The World’s Craziest Pop Culture Inspired-Homes

Everyone knows that being a pop culture fanatic can make you do crazy things. Sometimes it’s innocent enough: you get a new haircut or wear an outfit that’s inspired by your favorite actor. But things can quickly become more extreme. You start speaking in a fake British accent just because Madonna does. You only drinkContinue reading “The World’s Craziest Pop Culture Inspired-Homes”

Comic Strip Frame

Transform your photos into a fun comic strip with this fun frame. Insert your photos into the frame to create the story, included with the frame a pack of speech bubbles and a pen so you can complete the comic strip with written jokes! Buy it here ( £12.99 – $20.68)

Briefcase Fireplace

The Conmoto Travelmate Portable Fireplace ($3,200) is made from black powder-coated steel, with glass partitions and a steel fuel holder, this briefcase-sized firebox burns bio-ethanol liquid fuel, is light enough to be carried anywhere, and looks so good that it’ll demand attention no matter what room you’re in.

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