Insight Editions To Publish Ghostbusters: Artbook

Ghostbusters: Artbook is an original, fully illustrated celebration of the iconic film franchise, featuring hundreds of unique pieces of art commissioned from all over the world. Celebrating the spectacularly spooky and delightfully comic Ghostbusters universe, this deluxe, 208 page hardcover art book, packaged by Printed In Blood, features a treasure trove of original artwork inspired by the everContinue reading “Insight Editions To Publish Ghostbusters: Artbook”

Marvel Comics: The Poster Collection

For over 75 years, Marvel Comics has been thrilling fans with iconic comic book covers that perfectly capture the dynamic characters and explosive situations that make the Marvel universe so compelling. Marvel Comics: The Poster Collection ($25) published by Insight Editions brings together forty covers from Marvel’s most memorable issues, from Spider-Man’s striking debut in AmazingContinue reading “Marvel Comics: The Poster Collection”

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