Gaze Inside Studio Ghibli’s Theme Park

Ghibli Park, the long-coming theme park inspired by the fantastical worlds of Studio Ghibli’s beloved animated films, is getting ready to open its gates to the public this year. Following the announcement of a November opening, Studio Ghibli launched a website for the destination, located in Japan’s Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park, with new photosContinue reading “Gaze Inside Studio Ghibli’s Theme Park”

McDonald’s “Potato Holder” Allows Customers To Enjoy Fries While Driving

McDonald’s Japan has created a special “potato holder” that enables drivers to enjoy fries without having to precariously balance them between their knees or take both hands off the wheel. Starting April 24, patrons who purchase a value meal with a large order of fries will receive a free “potato holder.” The holder is redContinue reading “McDonald’s “Potato Holder” Allows Customers To Enjoy Fries While Driving”

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