Brian Baumgartner Spills The Beans On His Famous Chili Recipe​

You may know Brian Baumgartner as the chili guy. But what goes into his best chili recipe? This National Chili Day, Bush’s goes behind the beans to watch The Chili Master spill the beans on HIS famous recipe.    Get the recipe HERE.

Here’s How To Make Kevin’s Famous Chili From The Office 

In celebration of National Chili Day and The Office’s upcoming 15th anniversary, Entertainment Weekly looks back at the time Dunder Mifflin’s bumbling accountant Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) lugged in a huge pot of his famous chili to share with his co-workers — and spilled it all over the floor. “At least once a year, IContinue reading “Here’s How To Make Kevin’s Famous Chili From The Office “