Director Adam Schomer Announces “Selling Superman” Film

i2i Productions, the documentary studio behind such award-winning films as The Highest Pass (2012), The Polygon (2014), One Little Pill (2015), iTunes’ best-selling documentary film Heal (2018), and the 10 episode docu-series Road to Dharma (2020), introduces Selling Superman, in their first-ever Kickstarter campaign! Director and producer Adam Schomer’s unique vision for bringing personal wellnessContinue reading “Director Adam Schomer Announces “Selling Superman” Film”

Forever Pen

This tiny writing instrument goes anywhere and never needs ink.  It uses a special silver composite tip that can leave its mark on a wide variety of surfaces.  It measures less than 1″ long, and can also be used for opening boxes.  Choose from titanium, copper, or brass variants. Pledge HERE via Kickstarter.

Todd McFarlane Launches First-Ever Masterworks Spawn Kickstarter

In 1992, the very first Spawn comic book hit the shelves setting a sales record for an independent comic book. A few years later, in 1995, the first Spawn action figure was released to critical acclaim and helped usher in a whole new way of giving you detail and ‘art’ to your action figures. Now,Continue reading “Todd McFarlane Launches First-Ever Masterworks Spawn Kickstarter”

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book

Blue Milk LLC has launched Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition book on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. Starting from $50 for early bird backers, the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Archive Edition is a comprehensive historical manuscript and detailed visual archive of one of Hasbro’s most popular lines of 3.75-inch Star Wars action figures, TheContinue reading “Star Wars The Vintage Collection Archive Edition Book”

Comics Comics #1 – Stories By Patton Oswalt & Friends

Introducing Comics Comics, a quarterly anthology teaming the best comedians with funny books’ brightest artists! Comedy meets Comic Books in this eclectic anthology featuring such voices as Patton Oswalt (MST3K, Happy!), Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made?, The League), Sam Jay (SNL), Jackie Kashian (The Dork Forest), Quinta Brunson (Broke, Up for Adoption), MeganContinue reading “Comics Comics #1 – Stories By Patton Oswalt & Friends”

EARTH, World First AI & AR Enabled Model

Have the world in the palm of your hands with Earth. The augmented reality experience starts with a highly-detailed 3D-printed model of our planet. Once it’s paired with the AstroReality app, just point your phone ‘s camera at the mini-Earth and you can travel around the globe exploring geological changes, wildlife, and weather patterns alongContinue reading “EARTH, World First AI & AR Enabled Model”

Gather Desk Organizer

Nearly every desk has the same problem: clutter. The Gather Desk Organizer is a well-made, well-designed way to keep all your essential tools handy while minimizing the mess. It starts with a solid walnut or maple base, with four slots on top to hold its modular attachments. Those include a phone holder, trays, a penContinue reading “Gather Desk Organizer”

Storytime – A Little Art Book By Joey Spiotto

In 2014, Joey Spiotto had his first solo art exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, CA. The concept was simple, he took some of his favorite Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Video Games and turned them into covers of children’s books. The show was a huge success and the response to the work wasContinue reading “Storytime – A Little Art Book By Joey Spiotto”

Author & Illustrator Ralph Cosentino Launches A New Monster Picture Book Series Thru Kickstarter

Author & illustrator Ralph Cosentino has launched a new monster picture book series thru Kickstarter! Ralph is known for his best selling super-hero books introducing the origins of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as well as his indie produced toys, desktop games, and hilarious Fun-Boy Uranus chocolate bars. Ralph’s new book imprint, “Cruikshank & Wallace”Continue reading “Author & Illustrator Ralph Cosentino Launches A New Monster Picture Book Series Thru Kickstarter”

Flyte Levitating Light

The Flyte Levitating Light ($250) is a shatterproof LED bulb available via Kickstarter that floats and rotates slowly in the air above a sustainably-sourced wood base. The device plugs into a standard power outlet and lets you turn the light on and off with a single touch. As an added bonus, the base doubles asContinue reading “Flyte Levitating Light”

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