The Kool-Aid Man Has Vanished

The Kool-Aid Man has disappeared. It’s quite the feat, given the large stature and typically boisterous demeanor, but everything is quiet and all walls are structurally sound. Is he safe? Keeping cool? Hydrated? No one can say for sure. His disappearance is tied to a campaign focused on a new mystery flavor. Kraft Heinz isContinue reading “The Kool-Aid Man Has Vanished”

Lil Jon Featuring Kool-Aid Man – All I Really Want For Christmas 

Lil Jon appears to be in a jolly mood joining the Kool-Aid Man for the release of the Christmas song, “All I Really Want for Christmas.”  The Atlanta based rapper regales the listener with what he really wants for the holiday, while the Kool-Aid Man serves his trademark “Oh Yeah!!!” phrase. What’s more festive than the peacefulContinue reading “Lil Jon Featuring Kool-Aid Man – All I Really Want For Christmas “

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