The Most Popular Toys From The Year You Were Born

When you think back to your childhood toy box, what comes to mind? The most coveted toys in your collection were probably quite different than the must-have toys of today. Rather than the latest iPhone or PlayStation, most of us were more than content with the latest board game or action figure. But what aboutContinue reading “The Most Popular Toys From The Year You Were Born”

TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2021

Which companies are shaping our future? That’s the question at the heart of TIME Magazine’s first ever 100 Most Influential Companies, a new list—and an expansion of their iconic TIME100 franchise—that highlights businesses making an extraordinary impact around the world.  To assemble it, TIME solicited nominations across sectors including health care, entertainment, transportation, technology andContinue reading “TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2021”

TIME Magazine 100 Best Inventions of 2020

Every year, TIME highlights inventions that are making the world better, smarter and even a bit more fun.  To assemble our 2020 list, TIME solicited nominations both from their editors and correspondents around the world, and through an online application process. They then evaluated each contender on key factors, including originality, creativity, effectiveness, ambition andContinue reading “TIME Magazine 100 Best Inventions of 2020”

The 45 Best Toys of 2020

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that kids today are extremely lucky when it comes to toys. The toys that came out this year are incredibly innovative, designed to spark their imaginations, allow them to become their favorite characters and teach them everything from STEM concepts to social-emotional learning.  From toddlers toContinue reading “The 45 Best Toys of 2020”

Hollywood’s 100 Favorite Movie Quotes

Everybody has a favorite movie line, even movie moguls. Disney’s Alan Horn likes, “I’ll have what she’s having,” from When Harry Met Sally …. Fox’s Stacey Snider picks “You complete me,” from Jerry Maguire. Tellingly, several top executives — Viacom’s Philippe Dauman, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos — choose “I’m going to make him an offer heContinue reading “Hollywood’s 100 Favorite Movie Quotes”

The 42 Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2020

For the publishing industry, the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic meant that many books slated for spring and summer of this year were moved to the fall.  Now, the last months of 2020 will feature an abundance of new work from some of the world’s most celebrated authors. There’s Elena Ferrante’s first novel inContinue reading “The 42 Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2020”

18 Epic Sandwiches In Los Angeles

Sandwiches are quite possibly the world’s most perfect, self-contained food, and Los Angeles boasts more than a handful of greats. From the French dip at Philippe the Original to the Godmother at Bay Cities and the #19 at Langer’s, there’s no shortage of sandwich excellence in and around the Southland. Pictured above is the deliciousContinue reading “18 Epic Sandwiches In Los Angeles”

Stephen King Shares His Essential Horror Films 

Earlier this month, Stephen King tweeted: “God, how I wish I could go to a movie tonight. Popcorn, Junior Mints, big old soda, sitting in the third row and watching some action flick or goofball comedy. I’d love that.” We couldn’t agree more. Until then, the author shared with us his top five horror moviesContinue reading “Stephen King Shares His Essential Horror Films “

TIME Reveals 100 Women of The Year: The Leaders, Innovators, Activists, Entertainers, Athletes And Artists Who Defined A Century

Inspired by TIME’s annual Person of the Year, which started in 1927 as “Man of the Year” and became “Person of the Year” in 1999, and timed to International Women’s Day and the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in the U.S., this historic TIME project recognizes the most influential women of each year from 1920-2019.Continue reading “TIME Reveals 100 Women of The Year: The Leaders, Innovators, Activists, Entertainers, Athletes And Artists Who Defined A Century”

What Is The Best Sandwich in Every U.S. State?

From the humble grilled cheese to slow-cooked pulled pork, there’s something for everyone at sandwich establishments across the nation. Preferences vary widely from state to state: Some can be held in your hands, much like the original; other’s require a fork and knife to dig into. For purists, a sandwich is anything between two slicesContinue reading “What Is The Best Sandwich in Every U.S. State?”

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