Artist Luke Butland Announces Weapon of Choice Commissions

Artist Luke Butland announces Weapon of Choice commissions. You pick a character / person who has used a weapon in some way or another. For example it could be James Bond and his gun or even a football player who’s weapon would be the ball. The only stipulation is, if that character has already been chosen thenContinue reading “Artist Luke Butland Announces Weapon of Choice Commissions”

Luke Butland Slasher Prints Now Available

Luke Butland has created a series of gory prints inspired by famous film slashers. Each giclee print is an edition of 20 and measures 8 x 10. The prints cost £15 each excluding shipping and can be ordered HERE. Michael Myers is available solely from HCG. Here is what Luke had to say about theContinue reading “Luke Butland Slasher Prints Now Available”

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