McDonald’s New Nanoblock Sets

They only launched this week in Hong Kong, but already McDonald’s have sold out of their fun restaurant themed Nanoblocks sets. The promotional items consisting of a Big Mac, fries, milkshake, apple pie, McFlurry and tiny McDonald’s restaurant, all built using the novelty toy blocks were individually on sale for $20HKD (around $2.50) when buyingContinue reading “McDonald’s New Nanoblock Sets”

BuzzFeed Tests Out Burgers & Other Items From The McDonald’s Secret Menu

In this video, BuzzFeed tests out a variety of secret menu items from McDonald’s including the Monster Mac comprised of a Big Mac with eight meat patties and the Air, Land, & Sea, which is a Big Mac, a McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish combined into a single sandwich.

Beware The Batman Happy Meal Toys Coming In October

The Official McDonald’s Restaurant Website just announced that the next set of Happy Meal toy premiums will be based on the popular Beware The Batman Animated TV Series on the Cartoon Network. The upcoming Beware the Batman Happy Meal Toys include 8 collectible Batman figures and accessories: Batman on Batcycle, wearable Batman eye mask, flyingContinue reading “Beware The Batman Happy Meal Toys Coming In October”

McDonald’s Introduces The Blitz Box

McDonald’s, the nation’s fast-food giant is offering a multi-person boxed meal in the Kansas City market — the first time it has sold such a meal in the United States. The Blitz Box, which includes two Quarter Pounders with cheese, two medium fries and 10 Chicken McNuggets with dipping sauces, sells for $14.99. In total,Continue reading “McDonald’s Introduces The Blitz Box”

McDonald’s “Potato Holder” Allows Customers To Enjoy Fries While Driving

McDonald’s Japan has created a special “potato holder” that enables drivers to enjoy fries without having to precariously balance them between their knees or take both hands off the wheel. Starting April 24, patrons who purchase a value meal with a large order of fries will receive a free “potato holder.” The holder is redContinue reading “McDonald’s “Potato Holder” Allows Customers To Enjoy Fries While Driving”

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