Ted Lasso Monopoly

Introducing MONOPOLY: Ted Lasso, a brand-new release from USAOPOLY that celebrates the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning comedy series where fans can believe in Believe!  Buy, sell, and trade properties like Nelson Road Stadium, The Owner’s Box, and Kelly’s Flat, while advancing or gaining riches with Lasso-inspired Believe (Community Chest) cards and Smells Like Potential (Chance)Continue reading “Ted Lasso Monopoly”

Monopoly: David Bowie Board Game

Relive the fame and take things over in a special edition of the fast dealing, property trading game that pays homage to the Thin White Duke!  Monopoly: David Bowie gathers the ultimate collection of the rock superstar’s greatest records for fans to buy, sell, and trade albums such as The Rise and Fall of ZiggyContinue reading “Monopoly: David Bowie Board Game”

Vote On New Monopoly Community Chest Cards

Hasbro, Inc. announced that for the first time in its 85+ years, Monopoly will be changing all 16 of its Community Chest Cards. True to its longstanding history of inviting its fans to help make changes to the game, and during a time when community means more than ever before, Monopoly is asking consumers worldwideContinue reading “Vote On New Monopoly Community Chest Cards”

Monopoly Marvel 80th Anniversary Collector Edition

The Monopoly: Marvel 80 Years Edition board game is a celebration of Marvel’s epic catalogue of comics. With gameplay inspired by the Marvel Universe and iconic Marvel artwork — including art by Alex Ross — this game is a must for Marvel fans. Properties include Covers, Marvel Knights, and Team Leaders, and instead of housesContinue reading “Monopoly Marvel 80th Anniversary Collector Edition”

Hasbro Launches Historic Worldwide Vote Asking Fans to Pick All Eight MONOPOLY Tokens

Will MONOPOLY fans vote to keep the Scottie dog token in the game? Hasbro today announced the MONOPOLY Token Madness Vote, which leaves the fate of the eight current MONOPOLY tokens, including the Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, battleship and cat in the hands of the fans. Starting today through January 31,Continue reading “Hasbro Launches Historic Worldwide Vote Asking Fans to Pick All Eight MONOPOLY Tokens”