Stephen King Talks About ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ And So Much More

The new Netflix chiller Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is precisely the million-and-first Stephen King story to be adapted into a movie. OK, not really. But it sort of feels that way, doesn’t it? Ever since the bestselling author’s debut novel, Carrie, was turned into a horror classic by Brian De Palma in 1976, King’s seemingly bottomlessContinue reading “Stephen King Talks About ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’ And So Much More”

Watch The Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Trailer

When Craig, a young boy living in a small town (Jaeden Martell) befriends Mr. Harrigan, an older, reclusive billionaire (Donald Sutherland), the two begin to form an unlikely bond over their love of books and reading. But when Mr. Harrigan sadly passes away, Craig discovers that not everything is dead and gone and strangely findsContinue reading “Watch The Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Trailer”

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