New York State of Mind By NYCNext

The organization NYCNext, dedicated to building New York City into a more equitable place for all, is honoring the city with a special performance of Billy Joel’s classic, “New York State of Mind.”  The video features performances and cameos by Zeshan B, Sara Bareilles, Victoria Clark, Cautious Clay, Andy Cohen, Stephen Colbert, Chloe Flower, AlexaContinue reading “New York State of Mind By NYCNext”

Billy Joel Plays ‘New York State of Mind’ With College Freshman

Vanderbilt University freshman Michael Pollack got the thrill of a lifetime in January when he managed to get onstage with Billy Joel during a Q&A and perform “New York State of Mind” with the singer. “My favorite song of yours is ‘New York State of Mind,’” he said from the audience. “I was very fortunateContinue reading “Billy Joel Plays ‘New York State of Mind’ With College Freshman”

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