Guillermo del Toro Gives A Guided Tour of His Home Offices Nicknamed Bleak House

As part of a special feature on Criterion’s Blu-ray and DVD editions of his film Cronos, director Guillermo del Toro leads a tour of his home offices, which he fondly dubs “Bleak House.” Del Toro explains that the offices were created as a “compression chamber” so that he and his co-workers and collaborators could beContinue reading “Guillermo del Toro Gives A Guided Tour of His Home Offices Nicknamed Bleak House”

Take A Tour of Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Office

Chris Morrow from CNN has interviewed comic book legend Stan Lee multiple times at San Diego’s Comic-Con. During one of her interviews, she asked Lee if she could visit his Beverly Hills office, and he said yes. The 90 year old is the co-creator of Spider Man, Hulk, X Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, ThorContinue reading “Take A Tour of Comic Book Legend Stan Lee’s Office”

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT Bookends

Bring home the terrifying metal behemoths of The Empire Strikes Back! First seen on screen at the Battle of Hoth, the feared AT-AT is the primary assault vehicle of the Galactic Empire for large-scale ground warfare. Cast in high quality polystone and then hand painted, each bookend is numbered and comes complete with a matchingContinue reading “Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT Bookends”

Deadpool Pencil Cup Desk Accessory

Ooh. That’s got to hurt. Inspired by the violent and comedic mutant anti-hero Deadpool, Marvel’s incredibly popular “Merc With a Mouth,” the Deadpool Pencil Cup ($99) is the first of Gentle Giant’s line of exciting Marvel desk accessories and is sure to be a conversation starter. This unique piece comes with two shuriken-shaped erasers andContinue reading “Deadpool Pencil Cup Desk Accessory”

Xerox DocuMate 162 Scanner Review

I often have projects where I need to scan large quantities of documents.  I own an all-in-one printer, and the task of scanning 150 pages, typically takes me 40 minutes.  I was thrilled and amazed when the same project took only 12 minutes with the Xerox DocuMate 162 Scanner ($595).  In addition, I was ableContinue reading “Xerox DocuMate 162 Scanner Review”

The Herman Miller Ardea Personal Light Designed By Yves Behar

With a nature-inspired design by Yves Behar, the Ardea personal light ($379) is simple, trim and infinitely adjustable. Its compact fluorescent technology is energy efficient. Placed on a side table, end table or home-office desktop, Ardea lets you direct light right where you need it — on paperwork, a keyboard or a good book. This strikingContinue reading “The Herman Miller Ardea Personal Light Designed By Yves Behar”

Cake of Resignation

W. Neil Berrett  decided to give two week’s notice at his workplace in an unusual way.  He wrote the resignation letter with frosting on a full sheet size cake. The cake apparently was delicious and it was well received.  Here is what he wrote: “Dear Mr. Bowers, During the past three years, my tenure atContinue reading “Cake of Resignation”

The Cardboard Office

Nothing is a new commercial creative agency in Amsterdam. While the city houses the agency in a fairly unconventional building – a nineteenth-century church – the Nothing office is an unusual construction too, in that it is built almost entirely out of cardboard. The Nothing team took the idea behind the company name (taking nothing and turningContinue reading “The Cardboard Office”

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