OREO x Super Mario Cookies

OREO announced the release of new, limited-edition cookies inspired by Super Mario, sending fans on a mission and inviting fans to help Mario stop Bowser by collecting character-embossed cookies and save the Mushroom Kingdom. The limited-edition OREO x Super Mario cookies feature 16 unique embossments that include iconic Super Mario characters and Power-Ups, including Mario,Continue reading “OREO x Super Mario Cookies”

The Most Oreo Oreo Limited Edition Cookies-N-Creme Cookies

The Oreo “Most Orreo Sandwich Cookies” are the classic, original snack cookies you’ve always known and loved, but with the unforgettable twist of cookies-n-creme flavor creme you never knew you wanted.  These cookies and creme flavored Oreo cookies are full of themselves. Literally.  Each cookie is filled with extra layers of Oreo Cookies-N-Creme, making themContinue reading “The Most Oreo Oreo Limited Edition Cookies-N-Creme Cookies”

Oreo Announces Collaboration With Ritz Crackers

When it comes to snacking, there are two major categories that people often have decide between, salty and sweet and oftentimes it’s a combination of those two flavor profiles that are what people crave. For years, many snack fans have been satisfying that craving by pairing two beloved favorites — Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies.Continue reading “Oreo Announces Collaboration With Ritz Crackers”

Oreo Drops New Batman Cookies With Riddles That Unlock the Batcave

The Batman is one of the most anticipated film releases of 2022 and in an unusual marketing tie-in around the movie, Oreo (Europe) is jumping on the hype by bringing out the playful side of the dark superhero.  The Mondeléz-owned brand’s campaign for The Batman focuses on riddles, the signature weapon of the movie’s villain,Continue reading “Oreo Drops New Batman Cookies With Riddles That Unlock the Batcave”

Pokemon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies

Oreo just announced the release of a limited-edition Pokémon cookie pack. The Pokémon x Oreo cookie pack pays tribute to some of your favorite Pokémon, including Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. There are 16 designs and each Oreo will be embossed with a different character. Some cookies will be harder to find than others, just like inContinue reading “Pokemon x OREO Limited Edition Cookies”

Oreo Now Has Camouflaged Packaging To Hide Your Cookies From Your Kids

We all know that feeling: reaching for a secret stash of cookies after a particularly stressful day, only to find that it’s been discovered, the treats demolished, thanks to some thieving roommate, sibling, parent or kid. To help parents combat this phenomenon when it comes to their sneaky offspring, Oreo has created new incognito packagingContinue reading “Oreo Now Has Camouflaged Packaging To Hide Your Cookies From Your Kids”

Oreo To Release Lady Gaga-Themed Cookies

Nabisco is teaming up with pop superstar Lady Gaga to release pink-colored, vanilla-flavored Oreo cookies with creamy green filling. The colorful treats will be available in six-packs starting in January, and full-size packs later on.  The cookies feature design flourishes inspired by Gaga’s sixth album, Chromatica, which dropped in May. The ad campaign also boastsContinue reading “Oreo To Release Lady Gaga-Themed Cookies”

Oreo Built A Vault To Protect Its Cookies In Case An Asteroid Hits The Earth

As if there’s not enough to worry about these days, NASA has reported that an asteroid is headed toward Earth on November 2, a day before the U.S. election. Although scientists have predicted that, at its closest, it will still be 419,130 kilometers from the Earth’s atmosphere and that the likelihood of it hitting usContinue reading “Oreo Built A Vault To Protect Its Cookies In Case An Asteroid Hits The Earth”

Oreo To Release A Tiramisu Flavor In 2020

Oreo announced they will sell limited-edition cookies in a double layer of creme featuring a Tiramisu flavor, as the latest addition to their ever-growing list of unique flavors.  Tiramisu is a traditional Italian dessert layered with sponge cake (ladyfingers) that are soaked in coffee, flavored liqueur, and a sweet mascarpone cheese filling before dusted withContinue reading “Oreo To Release A Tiramisu Flavor In 2020”

Nabisco Announces Its Latest Flavor, Choco Chip

Nabisco’s latest limited edition Oreo flavor may be your favorite one yet. Choco Chip flavored Oreos hit shelves nationwide in July. “New Choco Chip Flavored OREO cookies feature a first-ever dual-flavored wafer — golden and chocolate — with chocolate chip creme inside to bring back that warm, fuzzy feeling of your childhood home,” an OreoContinue reading “Nabisco Announces Its Latest Flavor, Choco Chip”

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