Papa Johns Announces New Papa Bowls

Papa Johns is unveiling a new menu category that features their toppings in a bowl. Papa Bowls is everything you love about Papa Johns pizza without the crust – crisp vegetables, juicy meats, melty cheeses, and delectable signature sauces – all baked to piping hot perfection. Consumers can create their own Papa Bowl or chooseContinue reading “Papa Johns Announces New Papa Bowls”

Shaquille O’Neal And Papa John’s Release ‘Shaq-A-Roni’ Pizza 

On Monday, Papa John’s and Shaquille O’Neal announced the launch of a pizza designed by the basketball legend himself. The “Shaq-a-Roni” pizza is an extra-large pizza with extra cheese and extra pepperoni cut into eight slices instead of the usual ten, featuring what Papa John’s describes as its “largest slice size to date.” “It wasContinue reading “Shaquille O’Neal And Papa John’s Release ‘Shaq-A-Roni’ Pizza “

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